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How To Cut Energy Cords After A Breakup

You might ask, what is an energy cord?

An energy cord is an energetic connection that exists between you and another person. You can have cords between anyone — friends, family members, even a random stranger you meet and have a conversation with. These cords are the strongest between lovers — those we have sex with, and especially if we are involved with the person romantically.

Some of these cords will grow stronger over time, whereas others will fade naturally.

When we go through a breakup, we still have the person corded to us energetically. This is because your system, mind, body, and spirit is still processing what happened. It can take a long time to process, especially if it was a long-term or otherwise intense relationship. When sex is involved, it does create a particularly strong cord, because one of the purposes of sex is to bond us. So if it’s someone we had sex with many times, the cord will be even stronger.

Particularly with romantic and sexual connections, we will have cords at the heart center, near the reproductive organs, and in the mind, though we can cord with anyone anywhere in the body. These are just where they are typically the strongest. If it’s true love, the greatest cord will be in the heart. If it was a codependent or otherwise strained relationship, the cord will be greatest near the sexual organs or near the stomach.

It’s particularly important to cut cords in the abdomen/genital region of the body because when we still have a cord to another person there, we are going to feel a sense of neediness or longing for the other person.

To cut energy cords I recommend using a selenite wand crystal. Here’s how you do it:

1. Charge the selenite wand. You can charge your crystals in a variety of ways. I like to keep mine by my window so they can soak in the sun and moonlight.

2. Clear the energy of the wand for ritual purposes. You can do this by dipping it in water. I recommend salt water — either of your own making, or in the ocean. Any natural body of water also works for energy clearing.

3. Set an intention into the crystal to clear energy and cut cords. You can think of a particular person you want to separate from in particular or you can do a general clearing.

4. Run the wand over your body back and forth. I particularly recommend focusing on the reproductive and heart-centers, but the reproductive area in particular is important to clear emotions or obsessive feelings.

Repeat as necessary. I recommend doing cord cutting monthly at minimum, weekly, or more frequently if you interact with a lot of people. If you are going through something particularly difficult, you may even want to do it daily.

The universe appreciates these sorts of ceremonial acts. The cord-cutting itself will help uplift you, shift your vibration, maintain a clean energy body, and allow for better things to come into your life, either to replace the person or to bring them back in a better energetic vibration (though I wouldn’t focus so much on outcome — just accept what comes, and decide what to do from there).