Why Your Bad Karma Now Might Actually Be A Sign Of Good Karma Coming In The Future

The universe works in such a way that karmic scales must be balanced. If you dealt with a lot of bad karma (meaning that you have a particularly difficult life), working through it and healing from it will actually allow for you to have better karma in the future.

When you work through bad karma by healing from your past, you become a guide and role model for others to do the same. This is where your karma will reverse, and you will be rewarded energetically by the universe. Your energy will become a light and beacon for others and you will experience better interactions, more opportunity, more authentic relationships, better jobs, and overall a healthier life.

In my own life, I experienced a lot of trauma, pain, and suffering in the past. For many years, I didn’t even realize I was suffering. It wasn’t until I lost my mom to cancer at age 20 that I was forced to awaken to the pain I had been hiding from my entire life. I began on a healing journey which led me to deeper awakenings and levels of awareness of consciousness, energy, and how the universe works. It eventually led me to experience what is known as a kundalini awakening, where the mind and body become rewired to a state of health and God-consciousness.

I now feel it is my purpose to help others awaken and understand themselves in such a way. Even though I suffered a lot in what I now refer to as my former life, because what I have experienced was essentially being reborn, the bad karma I once had— the massive amount of suffering, the bad feelings, the insecurity, and the pain— has largely subsided. It doesn’t mean that I no longer have these things in my life— there are certainly areas I am still working on. We are always a work-in-progress. There are always ways we can grow and expand. But know that if you are experiencing suffering in any area of your life, it is a chance for you to look at it and see how you can move forward from that bad karma so that in a future timeline, it will be reversed.