Why Do We Cry After Sex?

Sex can bring up a lot of emotions for people. Sometimes the emotions brought up are directly related to the sexual encounter that provoked them, but usually they are a result of past memories which are stored in that area of the body. When we cry after sex, these past emotions have been shaken up and brought to the surface for understanding and healing purposes.

The body is not only physical, but it is also energetic, meaning that emotions (e-motion = energy in motion) are stored in various parts of the body. When we look at depictions of the energetic chakra system, a way of looking at the body through a more Eastern approach (versus the typical way we look at the body in Western medicine), based upon Ayurvedic medicine, an ancient Indian school of thought for the prevention of disease, we can see that the parts of the body involved in sex are linked to emotions as well as our sense of safety and security in the world. These are some heavy topics that can bring up a lot of feelings, memories, and trauma, which are stored in that part of the body.

The body also stores emotions in various parts of the body on a very physical and literal level. If you have had bad or traumatic sexual experiences in the past, those memories will be stored in that part of the body. When you have sex with someone you love, it can bring a lot of those old emotions into your awareness through the contrast of those two experiences, and it can cause you to cry.

Crying after sex is very common and I urge you to see it as positive rather than negative. It usually occurs due to the phenomenon I mentioned— past trauma (in some cases, past life trauma) is being brought up to the surface for healing through tears. Tears carry all sorts of chemicals in them, which scientists suspect release stress hormones that bring the body back into a state of homeostasis to relieve stress.

When you cry after sex, it is usually unrelated to your current partner, though they can trigger these issues to come up. Our past experiences are stored in the body, no matter how hard we may strive to live in the present moment. It is not a bad thing to strive to be present, but know that the past impacts the present (which also impacts future outcomes). As we do strive to be more present, these past issues will come up to the surface for healing purposes in order to help us get there through healing those past traumas.