11 Hidden Reasons Why You Might Be Struggling With Anxiety

While anxiety is considered to be a mental health condition, there are many physical and practical reasons why you might be experiencing anxiety as well. Here are some hidden reasons why you might be experiencing anxiety in your life.

1. You are not making enough money at your job.

If you are not making enough money at your job to make ends meet, this can cause a lot of anxiety and instability in your life. What can also contribute to this feeling of anxiety is feeling angry and resentful towards your employers who are not compensating you fairly, which leads to the next point on my list.

2. You have underlying anger and resentment.

Anger and resentment can cause us to get caught in cycles of anxiety. When we hold onto anger and do not express it to those who need to hear it, it causes us to become ungrounded. We must learn to channel the anger in healthy and effective ways that will allow us to use it to our advantage— as a form of motivation to make positive changes in our lives. When we hold onto anger, we cannot make good decisions about who and what to keep in our lives, and it causes anxiety.

3. You can’t afford to live where you do.

One example in my own life is that I have lived in California for the majority of my life, where everything is expensive, and taxes are ridiculously high. I decided to take a trip to Arizona recently and discovered how everyone there seemed so much more stable, grounded, and happy. I think one of the major reasons is because they aren’t so worried about money all the time.

4. You are in debt.

Debt is a huge cause of feeling unstable because when you go into debt, you are living in a misaligned state. You are living in the future when you decide to go into debt because you are making an agreement to pay for something that you cannot afford right now in the present moment based upon a future goal or idea, but the only truth that exists is that of the present moment. I learned this one the hard way— I wanted to be a doctor and went into major debt during college to pay for that degree, but other events happened in my life which led me off that track of becoming a doctor. I thought that as a doctor I’d be able to pay off that debt, but it never happened for me. I am still repaying the debt from that time in my life, when what I should have done is gone to community college for 2 years, saved up money, and then transferred to a university.

5. You don’t have enough positive support in your life, or you are not supporting yourself enough.

If you don’t have enough people in your life who are lifting you up and supporting you, but only people who are bringing you down, you will experience anxiety. As humans we need support and we need help from others. We also need to support and help ourselves. It’s about finding a balance between the two.

6. You are giving away too much of your energy for free.

If we are giving away too much of our energy to others and not enough to areas of our own life that need it, it can contribute to anxiety and instability, because we are living in a misaligned state in which our priorities are out of whack. We must focus our energy on those things which are important and matter to us rather than things that are keeping us away from our goals.

7. You don’t trust yourself or in your abilities.

When you don’t trust yourself, you are sending a message to the universe that you don’t trust God. You are an extension of God, so when you don’t trust yourself you will feel anxiety as a result. A lack of self-trust is a reflection of low self-esteem which contributes to anxiety.

8. You are hungry.

Interestingly enough, hunger can lead to anxiety. This is due to biochemical reasons as well as energetic ones. When we are hungry we do not have enough fuel to do the tasks required to take care of ourselves in an effective way. Hunger affects mood from a more physical perspective as well.

9. You don’t like your housing situation.

If you don’t like your housing situation, whether it is the roommates you live with, the neighborhood you live in, or the physical space you are inhabiting (whether there are issues in the house such as mold, or it is too small, too cold, etc.), it will cause anxiety. You need to have your basic needs met in order to feel secure in the world, and if your housing situation is out of alignment, it will be reflected in the state of your mental health.

10. You are not getting enough exercise.

On an energetic level, exercise promotes masculine and positive energy (including the masculine hormone of testosterone, as well as with the creation of endorphins) and it can allow us to feel more confident and stable with ourselves. Masculine energy is positive, feminine energy is negative. The two are polarities, and a balance of both are needed for health.

11. You are not happy in your relationship.

This one can be difficult to admit, as it is something I experienced when I was suffering from severe levels of anxiety. I didn’t want to lose my boyfriend at the time, but deep down I knew we were not right for each other. I stayed in the relationship even though my intuition was guiding me to leave, and this is one of the reasons why I had so much anxiety during that time in my life.