Stop Using Spirituality As A Crutch And Start Living

For a long time on my journey of spiritual awakening and ascension, I kept to myself. I didn’t express myself to others out in the open and I maintained a quiet spiritual practice. I was not incorporating the lessons I had learned in my real world existence, and it was causing a lot of inner turmoil.

When we go through a spiritual awakening, it can be difficult to understand how to integrate the new idea of the self with the old. Many of us who do become more spiritually-inclined often do so because we have been victim to a lot of trauma. Often, we are introverted types. We would rather live a quiet and peaceful life in silence where we don’t disturb anyone than to cause any big waves or make changes. However, it is those of us who have gone through these types of transformations who need to be making changes the most. We need to reclaim our divine power and use it to transform society.

It can be one of the more difficult lessons for us to learn on our journeys, especially for those of us who have been accustomed to letting others walk all over us and being people-pleasers. However, to fully embrace the idea of unconditional love, we must also embrace the idea that we can be rejected, and that it’s okay when that happens. We must fully step into our power to help others.

We have gone through many major changes, and now we are here to teach what we have learned to other people in society. We are needed now more than ever. It can be more comfortable to stay at home, to retreat into nature, to practice meditation all day long. However, you are not done on your journey. You must learn how to incorporate these lessons into your waking reality and to influence those around you. That means getting involved in the real world around you through working, volunteering, or whatever else you feel called to do and seeing the many injustices that still exist in the real world beyond your high horse in spiritual lala land.

I also recommend dating and growing through being in relationships with others while going through a spiritual shift or awakening. You might feel like you want to take a break from dating for a while, and that’s fine, but make sure you don’t do it forever. This is where the real fun begins. This world is yours for the taking. We are meant to be fully integrated beings, with our spiritual practice as well as in the physical dimension with our physical bodies.

I see many people on the spiritual path who might be very strong in their practice but they are still suffering because they are not incorporating any lessons from the real world. You are not here to suffer, you are here to enjoy. Know that you are protected in whatever you choose to do, so long as you are following your intuition. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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