Forget Ass Eating, This Is What You’ve REALLY Been Missing In The Bedroom

Warning: This article is NSFW

You’ll thank me for this one.

I have Lidia Yuknovitch to thank for introducing me to the concept from her book The Chronology of Water: A Memoir.

An excerpt from The Chronology of Water by Lidia Yuknovitch:

“After we swam, she talked about pussy spanking.

“Pussy spanking, for the uninitiated, is not just foreplay. Christ, most of the women I know now have never had the pleasure, but the good ones have.”

I was reading the book back in 2016 at age 23 when I stumbled upon this lovely excerpt, followed by several paragraphs dedicated to pussy-spanking or pussy-slapping. I mentioned it to the boyfriend I’d had at the time out of intrigue and curiosity, perhaps tinged with some nervousness. He responded to it with the immaturity of a 15-year-old boy—somewhat making fun of me for bringing it up but also likely very curious about it as well. We were both too immature and sexually timid to try it.

Fast forward to 2019. As my boldness grew upon experiencing a spiritual and sexual awakening, perhaps as a natural consequence of getting older, I decided to try it out, and believe me, there is no going back once you’ve tried it. It’s an entirely new, fun, and pleasurable sensation.

This awakening for me has been all about developing a deeper understanding of my body as well as my psyche. As humans, we are physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual beings all in one.

In addition, I have experimented with touching different parts of my own body that I’d never given much attention to before — not only in a sexual way but in a nurturing and loving way as well.

Pussy spanking is something I recommend you try now. It will add a new titillating sensation into your bedroom routine. You’re welcome. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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