I Cheated, But I’ll Always Love You

Nina Sever
Nina Sever

We dated back in high school and everything was great until I fucked up. I cheated on you, and yes there isn’t an excuse for that but I was young and stupid.

If only I knew what one stupid mistake would cost me, that I would lose you.

Shortly after all this you moved, and I missed you and longed for you even more. Now you weren’t a town over, but an entire world away and you wanted nothing to do with me. I tried to give you space but some nights alcohol or sleep deprivation would take over and I’d message you trying to make you understand how sorry I was. You ignored them all.

Two years later we reconnected briefly again. I could tell you resented me for what I had done. I could tell you hadn’t forgiven me. And I was so hurt, all I wanted was your forgiveness. Now I know that you were right to hate me, resent me and want nothing to do with me. I hurt you and you needed more time to heal. Not so soon after we re connected I lost you again. And I cried. I cried for a long time.

I gave up on you.

I gave up on messaging, apologizing and waiting around for you to come back. I convinced myself you were nothing but a dream, a distant memory of someone I once knew. My great white buffalo in a way. Slowly the dreams of you stopped, and the memories faded away, but you always held a place In my heart.

It seems like just when I needed you most, fate brought us back together. One little message from me “hey, it’s been a while” was all it took, and bam, you’re back in my life. But not like three years ago, this time it’s different.

I don’t know why you came back to me,

but I’m sure as hell glad you did. Thank you for coming back into my life.

I’ll love you forever and always. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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