3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Date An Acting Major

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This week my social media has been clogged with people posting articles about why you should date acting majors. Sure, all these points are valid and those drama kids are great and all but I’ve been around drama kids my entire life and even dated a few, so I know them well enough to say, they’ve got their downsides too. Here are just a few reasons why you don’t want to date an acting major.

1. Acting majors are crazy good at masking their emotions.

They’ve been taught since day one to play a role, they can be anyone they want to be and hiding their emotions was even a class they took first semester of their freshman year. If an acting major breaks your heart and the only consolation for you is that you’re going to see them being equally as miserable as you, think again. Their ability to put on a smile around you that looks like they just won the lottery after your break is exhibit A of your misery. Exhibit B is gift giving when you’re still in the relationship. Their smile and sweet words might fool you into thinking that a candle was a great idea for your six-month anniversary present, but the reality of it is that they’re only happy to have it to get the smell of weed out of their room. Meanwhile when he gets you a crappy heart shaped necklace from Claire’s your smile won’t even stand up to his and leads to a fight about how you don’t appreciate him or whatever.

2. They are crazy busy.

Whether its learning a monologue, rehearsal, filming, private miming classes, cold readings in the library or writing voice rivers (yes that’s a thing) they are definitely going to be too busy to hang out with you, 99.9% of the time. They also make you feel like you’re doing nothing with your life: “So what are you up to this week?” “Well, Monday I have Romeo & Juliet rehearsals and then a voice lesson. Tuesday I have a one on one meeting with my director to discuss character development, and then meeting with the costume department to try on outfits for the shoot. Wednesday I have a 30-minute monologue to memorize. Thursday is rehearsals for the directing project I’m in and three auditions. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I’m filming 12 hours each day. What do you have planned for this week?” “Uhm, well, I have a uh a 2 page paper due on Thursday but uhm… that’s about it.”

3. Having to see him in everything. I bet girls who have Environmental Sociology majors as ex-boyfriends don’t have to worry about seeing them in Youtube videos.

Something that heals a breakup is space. However space is hard to come by when your friend posts a link to a super deep movie she produced/directed/wrote/acted in about the meaning of scissors on Facebook, I mean there’s no way he’s in that one right?! Wrong. Turns out he played the villain. Supporting your friend’s debut at a film festival is hard to do when the movie directly after hers stars your ex telling some blonde bimbo with a crappy accent that he’s going to love her till the end of time. Vom.

I love a good boyfriend/actor as much as I love carrots.

And I hate carrots. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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