Cynicism Is The Poetry Of Our Generation

Flickr / 42andpointless
Flickr / 42andpointless

You’ve shown us “forever,” and how such concepts can ruin our lives. You’ve set our expectations high, and we’ve fallen with them ever since.

Eat your vegetables, and you’ll grow up to be big and strong like I am. Big and strong enough to see what we’ve been fed all our lives is but a semblance of the world. The things from which we determine our own confines are a system set out by us by a conservative generation with a fear of opinion.

Who are we? The foreboding millennial generation that has derived its own introduction. The generation of those who so greatly contrast our successors that we deserve our own lynch mob. The lazy ones, the ones who take a vacation day without crushing guilt. The ones who don’t pledge allegiance to the corporation, but would rather seek our own enjoyment in life. Those who don’t hail the employer as the giver of life, but aim to bring back the grassroots of our society, the altruism and cooperation that solidified our survival. We’ve always relied on the wisdom of our elders to get us through life…

Love is forever. Family is forever. That’s the tune that resonates within us, but our reality is so far removed. We live in a generation of broken families, foreclosed mortgages and unexpected bankruptcy. Skepticism is our religion. We live in an ever-changing, capitalist society. We’ve watched our parents mourn the loss of the “American Dream,” and vowed within ourselves never to fall victim to the same scheme.

We are a generation of overgrown children, raised by a generation of forlorn parents. You say we are “lazy” and expect too much when it comes to “work -life balance.” The human connection has been vilified, thus it not be profit bearing. We’ve lost birthdays, holidays and families to the 9 to 5. We aren’t playing that game, until we can play and win. We aren’t afraid to recover what’s been taken from us. We are strong, we are ready and we will find change. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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