5 Things That Love Is Not, And 16 Things It Is

1. Love is not how many great dates you have been on.

2. It is not how few fights you have had.

3. Love is not a list of qualities.

4. It is not the gifts they have given you.

5. It is not Instagram shout outs or online relationship status.

6. Love is the peace you feel when you hear their voice.

7. Love is the trust you feel toward them with ease.

8. Love is that invisible support telling you you can.

9. Love is wanting them to succeed. To be happy. To follow their dreams.

10. Love is when these things come first.

11. Love is a foundation.

12. Love is the joy you feel when you hear them laugh. It is the pride you feel when you are responsible for that laugh.

13. Love does not waver. It is not inconsistent or brittle.

14. Love is being alone without ever being lonely.

15. Love is embracing the truest version of yourself.

16. Love is knowing you are appreciated, accepted and adored in your truest form.

17. Love is the inspiration to better yourself.

18. Love is the attraction to another’s soul.

19. Love is liking.

20. Love does not squash ambitions or close doors.

21. Love is possibility. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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