5 Reasons You Should Never Listen To Outside Judgement About Your Relationship

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No matter what, if you have ever been in a relationship you know how it feels to be judged by someone who knows nothing about it. Maybe they have heard rumors or even spread the rumors themselves; they could be a complete strangers, mutual acquaintances, or even a good friend but we have all had at least someone that feels they have the right to voice there opinion on your romantic relationship as if it in any way pertains to them. And because nobody likes to be looked at as if they are doing something wrong or stupid, sadly, these people ultimately start influencing the way you see your relationship and the way that you feel about your significant other without even knowing it.

I will be the first to admit; it’s hard being in a relationship, but the most important thing to remember is that deciding that it’s a wrong relationship is your decision to make. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel like you can’t be happy or that you cant forgive just because they think you shouldn’t. Every single relationship is different and none of them are easy and none of them are perfect. So enjoy what you have and cherish every moment of your own happiness; you deserve it and don’t and anyone ever tell you differently.


1. They don’t know the good times.

These people may have heard rumors, they may have even seen things that they think gives them the right to formulate an opinion on your relationship, but they don’t know it like you do. They don’t know the good times. They don’t know how it feels when he surprises you with dinner, or when he tells you you’re the most beautiful girl in the world, or when he tells you he would give up anything just to have you forever. They have no idea how it feels to be in your relationship.

2. They probably haven’t even been in a relationship of their own.

They honestly probably haven’t even been in one of their own, and if they have, they definitely haven’t been in one that takes any sort of work. Relationships are hard, like really really hard, and anyone that has been in one would NEVER judge someone else’s, because chances are they know the feeling. They know the feeling of going through the difficult times, they know the feeling of going through the good times, and either way they aren’t going to judge the way you handle either.

3. They are probably just jealous.

And if they have never been in a relationship before then the reason they are judging you is probably just out of plain old jealousy. My mom always told me in middle school, “People always trash on the things they want the most.” Chances are they are jealous of what you have and wish they had a relationship of their own. So technically you should really be the one feeling bad for them.

4. They just don’t know all the facts.

When you are a young adult everyone seems to know something about your business whether you tell them or not. Normally they are wrong, it didn’t happen or it at least didn’t happen the way they heard it did. Basically, they really don’t even have their story straight. So don’t base your feelings about your relationship off of someone’s opinions because chances are, they don’t even have the facts right.

5. Even if they do THEY really don’t matter.

Since when did other people decide they should have an opinion on the way someone else lives their life? YOU are in the relationship, not them. If you want to handle it in a way they don’t agree with well, that’s okay. If you want to forgive something that they would never forgive, that’s okay. If you want to do something that they would never do, THAT IS OKAY. It is your relationship, not their’s, for a reason. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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