The Feminist’s Guide To Proposing To Your Man

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Who says you have to follow tradition? If you want to ask your boyfriend to marry you, then go right ahead. Just make sure you are prepared for the moment… and the outcome. There are a ton of available articles written for the male audience that give pointers on preparing for a marriage proposal. This guide is for the brave woman who wants to break the mold and ask her man to be “the one” forever.

Be sure.

Before you decide to propose, make sure that you are 100% ready to be committed. Don’t use a marriage proposal to gauge his dedication to your relationship. If you need him to validate his devotion, you are setting yourself up for failure. Only plan an engagement if your relationship has reached that level, you feel that the bond is strong and you are both prepared for marriage.

Put him first.

You chose to propose because you are in love with him, not the wedding, the ring, or the hype. Make sure that your idea for a proposal is what he will enjoy and speaks to his kind of romance. After all, if you are looking to create your ideal proposal, you should wait for him to pop the question!

Be sensitive.

Keep in mind that it may bruise a man’s ego if you propose first. Whether he was already planning to ask you or not, if he feels disappointment, let him know that it is okay for him to propose too. Don’t let his frustration bring down the excitement of the moment, but do talk about his feelings later on.

Be clever.

Plan a proposal that is unique to your relationship. Think about the perfect location, date, and time that will make your unconventional proposal meaningful to you both. No one knows what you share better than the two of you so listen to your gut and stay true to your style. Think about how you want him to feel when you propose and design the moment around that feeling.

Make sure you have discussed your future and you are both on the same page. If he has expressed that he is not ready to commit to marriage, no romantic gesture will change his mind over night. If you are sure about your guy but unsure about how he will react to the idea of “woman proposing to man,” then take the time to thoroughly think it over. You owe it to yourself, your man and your relationship together. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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