5 Simple Ways To Eliminate The Negativity In Your Life And Feel Good Again

Javier Molina

Positivity can be tricky in today’s world. One may go onto social media and almost instantly see hatred towards others, celebrities, political figures, races, gender, etc. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and sometimes those opinions portray negativity. Social media is an easy way to spread negativity because it is at everyone’s fingertips. In any situation, negativity has a good chance of submerging. How do we stay away from this and how do we master the art of positivity when negativity surrounds us? In the past couple of years, I have learned simple tricks that successfully extract negativity from my life and I would love to share them with you!

1. Become aware and eliminate.

If you are struggling with a lot of negativity, it is best to step back and check where it is coming from. You may realize that it may be coming from another individual (a friend, significant other, etc.), certain people you are following on any social media platform, or a random stranger you see in the supermarket. The best thing that I have learned is to eliminate them from your life. This may be tough due to this seeming rude to the other person, but isn’t a healthy relationship supposed to make you feel upbeat? There will always be ups and downs with relationships in every form, but overall this relationship should make you feel better. Don’t waste your time on anyone who doesn’t deserve it.

2. Find what brings you peace.

If eliminating someone/something out of your life isn’t an option, the easiest thing I found to do is to find what brings you peace. A hobby is also good for life in general. This takes some soul searching but once you find this I SWEAR it is refreshing! If something negative affects me, I will typically make sure to either open my bible or a book, make some tea, or go on a run. During this, I make myself recognize what is negative and realize that this will not affect my well-being. Do something you enjoy and brush it off.

3. Focus on what is important to you.

Negativity may be a fad in today’s age, but some do not enjoy it (you). Fitting into negativity is never the answer, especially when you are not comfortable with it. Once something negative appears, make sure to re-evaluate what is important to you. Focus on those morals and goals. Don’t let anyone take what is important from you, even if it is “the cool thing to do”. Again, have confidence in yourself.

4. Talk to somebody.

Communication is a significant way to eliminate this negativity if there is a problem. This talk may be in regards to talking to someone who is creating negativity in your life or it may be asking someone close to you on how to handle this negativity. Either way, communication may be the best answer if there is a problem. I try to talk to the person right away so I am not left pondering about it for ages before having the guts to speak about it. Stand up for yourself and have courage.

5. Have confidence.

Overall, you must have confidence in yourself. Confidence can be a confusing and a struggle-some thing to have, but once achieved, it is the ultimate key to positivity. This is due the ability to rely on yourself instead of others who are creating negativity. Thus, you will be able to realize when to cut it out of your life. Remember: you only need yourself and your mindset to create a positive life. I, for one, believe in you. Take a deep breath. Smile. Tell yourself it will be okay. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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