Getting Married Young Was One Of The Best Decisions I’ve Ever Made


I was 19 when we met, 20 when he proposed, and just about to be 21 when we were married. Some automatically look at these ages and wince, feeling extremely sorry for me that my life was now over.

I had never thought of my life being over when I decided to marry my husband at such a young age. I had had my fair share of serious relationships prior to him, and I did not need to “shop around” to find out what qualities I wanted in a man or who I was as my own person. Now at the same time, did I ever see myself getting married at the age of 20? No. It wasn’t a completely crazy idea to me, but I definitely did not think that I would find my person so early on in life.

When I met my husband, starting another relationship was the furthest thing from my mind. I had recently gotten out of a very hard and long relationship, and I thought a break from dating would be good for me. We met through some mutual friends, and after a few texts and phone conversations, I agreed to go out on a date with him. Now, I went into this first date with the mindset of, “Well, even if it is terrible, at least I will get a free dinner out of it.” However, after 5 hours flew by on our first date, and all I wanted to do was see him again and again, I knew that he was different.

On our year anniversary, he took me to the same places we went on our first date, and popped the question right then and there. Soon after that day, we were married and living together with our puppy, starting our own little family.

I agreed to marry my husband that day not because I was so excited to be the first one engaged out of my friends, fulfill a childhood dream, or to have a pretty ring on my finger. I agreed to marry him because on our first date I knew he would change my life, and every day since then, he has.

I did not think anything of being married so young until recently, when a friend of mine I went to school with posted something on Facebook. “Getting married at 21 was like leaving a party at 9:15.” That stopped me in my tracks. At first I was upset, I could not believe someone who hasn’t been married at a young age or was even in a relationship was allowed to say that. I felt offended, which I definitely didn’t need to be because I know it was not directed towards me.

After all those thoughts, I started to think, “Does she have a point?” I thought about the last few months being married to my wonderful husband and all the things we have done together. I even brought it up to my husband asking him what he thought about it. Now my husband is 27, so he was ready to be married. I knew that he might not quite understand exactly how I was feeling about it, but he was supportive. In that moment, he wrapped me in his arms, and said, “Hunny, it’s a good thing you like to go to bed so early.” And that right there, was reason number 1034 why I married that man.

I realized that it is not about age, love does not care about it at all. I knew that first moment I met my husband that I would marry him, even if it wouldn’t be till 5 or 6 years down the road. I knew that no matter where he went or what he wanted, I was going to be right there with him. I am not a crazy person for getting married young, and neither are the other of thousands of adults who marry before the age of 25. And yes, while people may say, “You have not even lived yet and done so many things!”, I can say right back,

“I get to do life with a person who is my best friend and the love of my life. What more would anyone ask for?” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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