10 Things Men Say And What They Really Mean


1. “I’m not really into labels.”

Translation: I don’t like you enough to date you. However, I will totally fuck you tonight and maybe tomorrow morning if your breath is tolerable.

2. “We aren’t dating…we’re talking.”

Translation: I have no intention of ever dating her.

3. “You should come over and watch a movie.”

Translation: Come over and have sex with me.

4. “I’m not really into putting relationship stuff on Facebook.”

Translation: I don’t want other women to know I am taken because that would ruin my game…so I’m just gonna call you my girlfriend until someone better comes along.

5. “Let’s grab drinks tonight.”

Translation: I don’t want to pay for your dinner.

6. “I’ve just been burned before in relationships.”

Translation: Monogamy terrifies me.

7. “I wasn’t flirting with her. I’m just a friendly guy.”

Translation: I was flirting with her and hoping you wouldn’t notice.

8. “I just need a night out with the guys. You understand, right?”

Translation: I need a night without you, specifically. There may be other women there, but they won’t be as annoying as you are to me right now.

9. “I just want to watch a little football, eat a few wings, and kick back.”

Translation: Leave me alone, woman.

10. “It was nice meeting your friends.”

Translation: I would totally fuck almost all of your friends. TC Mark

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