10 Places To Throw Up While Drunk, Ranked From Best To Worst

Unfortunately all based on true stories…better out than in right?

In the same toilet as your friend who is also throwing up.

Built-in support system and somebody to hold your hair back.

In a bush at a house party.

Yes, some partygoers may see you toss your cookies, but they will applaud your ability to keep it to the flowerbed. Plus, the foliage will help hide your face.

In an empty PBR box.

When those two annoying girls who went to the bathroom together are taking forever, sometimes you have to get creative. Plus, it’s a very hipster way to vomit, if that’s what you’re into.

The shower.

Only if you really really have to though. It’s not ideal for the drain, but at least you can immediately wash the puke out of your hair.

In the jungle juice.

Really, it was only going to exponentially increase the puke levels for the night. You did everyone else a favor

Your hookup’s bed.

Fun fact, it can and will go right through to the mattress. The last thing you want is for the person you just boned to have to pitch their entire bed setup in the morning all because of you.

On the bouncer as you exit da club.

Something tells me you’re going to actually have to pay that cover charge next time. Especially if you ate that burrito right before you left in an attempt to “have a good drinking base”. Note: Mexican food is never a good drinking base. Come on, people.

In your friend’s purse, wallet, or clutch.

It seems like a good idea at the time. It’s a receptacle…better than the floor…NOPE. She is going to have to access those cards and keys again, and it’s not going to be pretty.

Out of a moving car when your friend in the backseat also has her window open.

Yes, when you’re drunk the physics of it all is confusing, but blowback is pretty straightforward. The chunks are either going to end up on you or your poor friend kicking it in the back.

On your computer.

Beware! That drunken craving to Facebook stalk your ex could ruin your keyboard. One sappy pic of them with their new significant other and it all comes back up. Literally. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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