The 5 Things Girls Want Guys To Know

1. We like “the chase” too

Don’t make it easy on us. We love having to work for what we want just as much as you do. It’s half the fun. If you’re making it easy, it can come off as looking desperate and that’s the last thing we want. I mean if you make it easy on us, what are our friends going to help us over-analyze and talk about on wine night? Having to work for something we want makes us decide if we’re actually into you or not. If you’re worth it, we’ll keep after you.

2. We like confidence, not cockiness

And yes, there’s a very fine line. Confidence is sexy, while cockiness is just annoying. This goes hand-in-hand with competition. There’s nothing wrong with a healthy competition between guys and girls, it’s only when you take it to the next level does it become a problem. Girls don’t like to feel like they suck at everything when they play against guys. I’m not saying you should let us win, that’s an even bigger slap in the face. But it would be nice if you could slightly suck at something. And don’t be that guy who needs his girl to be better at something than he is.

3. If our friends don’t like you, there’s no hope

This should be an obvious one. I hate to be that girl who quotes The Spice Girls, but “if you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends,” might be some of the most accurate lyrics written. No matter how much we think we like you, our friends usually have the final say. Not because we can’t make our own decisions, but because they see our situation in a more real and practical manner. We tend to get caught up in the moment so they keep us grounded. They’re good like that. And a side note? If you can’t decently shake my hand, you’re not worthy of dating my friend. It’s not that difficult.

4. Remember details

No I don’t mean every detail, but our birthdays, where we work, or stuff we discussed five times would probably be good to take note of.

5. Don’t hover

We need our space. We need nights out with the girls. We need alone time. The last thing we want is a stage-five clinger. It’s cool that you want to be around us (that is the point of a relationship) but if I’m going to get a drink of water and plan on coming right back, you do NOT have to come with. I’m sure you’ve date that girl who just wouldn’t let you be. We don’t like it any more than you do. Plus it just makes you seem needy. And ain’t nobody got time for that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image –Mish Sukharev

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