10 Annoying Things That Happen When You’re Single And The Rest Of The Girl Gang Have Boyfriends


I hate to break it to you but there are tough times ahead. It was all good when the first boyfriend came on the scene, but now the plague has spread and you are the last woman standing. You underestimated the staying power of these boys and now third-wheeling has become second nature.

There is nothing more sacred than the camaraderie of single sisterhood, but alas, it is no more and you have been forced to live life on the outskirts of the friendship group you were once a founding father of. The issue here isn’t jealousy, because you don’t necessarily want a boyfriend; it’s more a feeling of sadness as you come to terms with the inevitably slow and painful death of your friendships. Here are some of the sad truth us solo sisters have encountered.

1. Nothing you tell your friends is going to be in confidence anymore. She tells her man everything, so whatever secrets you have shared – be prepared for him to find out about them sooner or later. No matter how embarrassing or private it is, she will inevitable spill the beans.

2. Vice versa, you will know everything about their boyfriends. Especially the intimate details you don’t want to know, such as his penis size or the weird noise he makes when he climaxes. Ew.

3. Weekends are a time of loneliness. Your girls would rather spend time with their significant others than with you. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because as a confident single woman, you can take yourself out.

4. You’ll momentarily consider getting a bae of your own. Please don’t do this; it’s a waste of time. You’ll embark on a quest to find your own man, but you want to do it organically, like in the good old days when people met at college or in a bar. Let’s be honest: you don’t want a boyfriend, you just want to replace that attention your girlfriends are no longer giving you.

5. Oh yeah I lied earlier – this is totally about jealousy. You’ve been with your girls through literally everything, you’ve reached so many milestones together. Boys were never in the picture of your planned world domination and their intrusion is so unfair.

6. The honeymoon phase is nauseating. Getting through the first three months is hard. All your conversations will be dominated by how amazing, considerate, and good looking he is. You’ll cringe so hard watching your once vibrant bestie became half a person reliant on her boyfriend to provide the other half and ‘complete’ her.

7. You constantly have to defend your singledom. The girls will always ask how your dating life is with a concerned look on their faces. They just can’t get over you not wanting a boyfriend, because to them it’s the best thing in the world. “So, are you seeing anyone?” is the most annoying question, and for the a millionth time, the answer is no!

8. Your girls annoyingly go on a mission to find you a boyfriend even though you didn’t ask. Undoubtedly the only options are one of their boyfriends’ best friends or his less attractive siblings.

9. You’ll transition from best friend to backup friend. They’ll only turn to you when they have had a fight with their significant other or when they are bored because their boyfriend isn’t around. You always want to be there for your friends, but theres no denying that your relegation to the back up zone hurts – a lot.

10. The burden of picking up the pieces after the breakup rests on your shoulders. There is an internal rejoice at the breakup but this then turns into concern and love for your dear friend. Its feels so good to finally have them back in the single circle once again. That is until the cycle repeats and she tells you about this great guy she met last night. You’ll roll your eyes, take a deep breath, and text back how excited you are for her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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