The 9 Guys You’ll Meet On Tinder


1.The guy in finance who works 70 hours a week

He does not have time to date, so swipes right. He also will talk equity with you over vodka tonics. Beware.

2. The professional athlete

Utilizes tinder during road trips to meet girls. Surprisingly, the most guys on tinder.

3. The D-1 college athlete

There are two types of D-1 athletes I have come across. The first type is the normal, laid back athlete with a great sense of humor. The second type is the athlete who strongly believes that he will go professional, and whose ego is too big for my phone screen.

4. The guy holding up the fish that he caught

I still don’t understand why this is so common.

5. The guy taking a selfie

I will automatically swipe you left…especially if all of your pictures are selfies.

6. The guy with his shirt off

Good to know that you go to the gym. Typically very odd people.

7. The male model

STAY AWAY. They do not eat carbs and are strange creatures.

8. The guy who I have 32 mutual friends with

Why have I not met you, and how do we tell our mutual friends that we met?

9. The guy who is holding some sort of alcohol

I am glad you felt the need to prove that you are over 21, and cool. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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