12 Things Your Soul Wants You To Know

Neill Kumar
Neill Kumar

1. You are worthy.

You were born inherently worthy and enough. When you claim you are flawed or inadequate, you are arguing with the power of life which created you just as you are.

2. You are guided.

You may feel alone and like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. The truth is your higher self is here with you always to provide you with the insight, inspiration and strength that you seek. You just need to surrender control and ask for help.

3. You are an adventurer.

You are here on earth to have the adventure of a lifetime. You chose to be here to discover, create, express, learn, expand and experience life in ways that you cannot when you are not in physical form. So embrace the gift that is your life.

4. Life reflects you.

Your outer world and circumstances reflect your inner world. The world acts as a mirror to help you refine your beliefs and preferences so that you can create a life that brings you greater and greater joy and fulfillment.

5. Your joy matters.

Your joy is your guidance system letting you know where you should go next in life. Pay attention to whatever makes you feel passionate, excited and fully alive. Trust in these feelings and follow them; your heart knows more than your rational mind.

6. Everything is happening for you.

Every person and situation in your life is here to help you discover more about yourself so that you can evolve into a more conscious and empowered being. If you keep encountering the same situations in life look for the lesson and give thanks for it.

7. There is nothing to fix.

You do not need fixing or self-help so much as you need self-love and acceptance. When you show yourself unconditional love and compassion, old unhelpful patterns of thought and behavior naturally begin to fade away.

8. You are unique.

You are a one-of-a-kind blend of passions, talents, interests and quirks. If you don’t have the courage to be yourself, no one else can, and you are literally robbing the world of the magnificent and irreplaceable gift that you are.

9. You are responsible.

You get to choose how you respond to life and what you choose to focus on and create. Instead of blaming other people or events for your life and feelings, choose how you want to respond and how you most want to feel.

10. You are powerful.

The biggest limitations you will encounter in your life do not come from your circumstances but from your limiting beliefs about who you are and what you are capable of doing. You are way more powerful than you know.

11. You are unconditionally loved.

The power of life that created you and your higher self love you unconditionally just as you are. You are loved beyond all comprehension in all ways and always to no end.

12. You are whole.

You are whole and complete and you have everything that you need right now in this moment. The answers and fulfillment you seek have never been outside of you. Find fulfillment within and the whole world will reflect your wholeness. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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