If You Can’t Rent A Car, You Shouldn’t Be On The Bachelor

ABC's The Bachelor
ABC’s The Bachelor

Admittedly, I have not watched The Bachelor “half my life” and know next to nothing about the history of the show as compared to others. That’s not to say I’m not as equally obsessed as my cohorts in making sure I follow the journey of people looking for love, because I AM. My first experience of watching a man court 25 women around the world in hopes that one would become his wife was with the now infamous Juan Pablo. I’m told by the world that his season was the strangest and unlike any other. Thank gosh, because his ability to be such an asshole to women was mind boggling. But now we have “Prince Farming” (please, ABC – stop using that nickname) Chris Soules and once again the hysteria has begun.

Chris is a charming, hot, 33-year-old man whose only drawback seems to be that he lives in the middle of nowhere Iowa where no one can hear you scream and women worship the Kate Gosselin haircut. Who wouldn’t want him? I’ll tell you who shouldn’t – women 25 years old and younger. Is it just me or is anyone else exceptionally put off by the fact that most of the women stepping out of these limos are not even old enough to rent a car in most states?

I’m usually not one to judge, but right now, I guess I am. Have these girls really exhausted all other options in finding “true love?” Has the real world not provided them with enough opportunities of finding and dating a man the “normal” way? Mackenzie (the one who appeared to be going to her high school prom) is 21. She just received the privilege of legally consuming alcohol and probably just graduated college. Did she even give the normal way of dating a shot?! And all the 24-year-olds? Hell, at 24 I was just trying to figure out how to survive financially after college and figuring out my career path – not jet setting across the world to MAYBE fall in love with a man. At 24, I’d be more concerned with knowing the difference between an onion and a pomegranate and not sounding bat-shit crazy when I talk about them, than finding a man (sorry, Ashley S.).

It’s insane to me. I’m not pretending I know these girls, I don’t. Maybe they’re in it for the trips, the fame… maybe they’re in it to find “true love.” But if I had one piece of advice for those girls it’d be to try dating the old fashioned way before resorting to The Bachelor. At least give the world a shot before submitting yourself to the most inorganic dating experience in the world. There are lots of fish in the sea, especially when you’re not condemning yourself to live in a cornfield. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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