Because You’re A Man

Sandeep Swarnkar

I choose my battles wisely, they say I’m selective
But I’m sitting amid a sunset feeling reflective
I tried to put the past behind me and heal
But everything that happened still burns with a zeal
Time has passed, and everyone has forgotten
All the poison you spread to make me look rotten
And yet, so many years after my descent
You still lurk in the corners of my mind for revenge
Because you entered her thighs
And she was instantly captivated
But you never fell for her heart and it made you frustrated
Hate me if you wish, but we both know the truth
Your love for me has outlived your youth
The smell of my hair, maybe it has a curse
But my love is worth more than any leather purse
I turned down your gifts, it was never what I needed
In a country where gold diggers are breeded
A land where man whores are conceited
Bowed to to because their hair has say
Well I never gave any of you the time of day
I knew deep down what wasn’t conveyed
Yet buried in my heart remains a wish to understand
Are your sins forgiven because you’re a man? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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