Here’s What Kind Of Sex Appeal You Have Based On Your Zodiac Sign


The bold and promiscuous type. Very expressed sex appeal. Likes to show skin (the men like to take their shirts off or flex their arms for no reason). Their bold flirtation is a part of it too. Unless the other person is as brave as them they might be a little doubtful of whether or not to make a move.


Very sensual. Likes to have skin contact with people(small touches, they also give longer hugs). They don’t dress too “provocative” but they might wear a very sexy perfume. The type to look hot without even trying and the type to wear very nice lingerie even if they don’t have plans on doing anything.


The tone of their voice and the way they carry themselves. Even if they are wearing plain clothes, no make-up and messy hair something will be very attractive to them. Flirtation and the way they communicate is very sexy. (Remember that word which meant you’re attracted to smart people – it’s written for them.)


A very hidden type of sexiness that you can’t really pay attention to unless you get to know them. The type to make a subtle sex joke or start flirting and it takes you aback cause you didn’t expect it from them.


Bold like Aries. Likes to dress sexy and feel attractive. Wants the attention and confirmation that people like them(this could bring a lot of jealousy issues with their partner). The one that wants to know that people are sexually attracted to them even if they don’t plan to do anything.


The type to wear a suit but have it tailored to fit every curve of their body. They don’t like to dress sexy often but when they do, they nail it. The sex kitten look(think Brigitte Bardot). They never look trashy. Like Taurus, they have a very sensual look, but at the same time look unapproachable. The one you can’t have. And that’s sexy.


Similar to Virgo they are a very classy type of sexy. But with a very sweet twist. They like to flirt but it’s never out of control. They like to feel attractive and show their charm and sex appeal whenever they can. They might dress sexy but it always fits their personality and never looks awkward because of the way they always carry themselves.


The femme fatale type of sex appeal. And the Casanova for men. Most people feel a sexual curiosity for a Scorpio at some point. They might not show skin at all but they have a very sexual aura. A nice perfume, messy out of bed hair, the bad boy/girl vibe. And sometimes they aren’t even aware of it.


A very playful type of sex appeal. You don’t know if they are serious or not. Usually careless about the way they dress but it always manages to look sexy because of the idgaf aura they have. They are flirtatious although most of the time it’s meaningless.


A very dominant sex appeal. You wish they would just tell you what to do and you will do it for them. When they dress sexy they look like movie stars from the 1950s. Very classy yet provocative. They aren’t flirtatious nor like to have that tone of voice but people are drawn to them anyway.


They could have the bad girl/boy vibe like Scorpio but unlike the darkness Scorpio has, the Aquarius has a very unexplainable sex appeal. A different type of sexiness which you want to get to know. They don’t dress sexy because it’s awkward for them. They don’t like to be that person. But they could be very flirtatious and playful in the way they talk which opens the door to that side of them.


Unaware of their own sexiness. Could be flirtatious with someone for hours without even realizing it. If someone makes a move on them they might get all awkward and uncomfortable even if they like the person. However, even with the innocent vibe they may give, they are the ones who would definitely post nudes on Tumblr. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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