9 Reasons Why You Should Befriend Your Boyfriend’s Roommate

As a 23 year old girl, I can’t expect every man I date to live alone in a penthouse bachelor pad, I can’t expect every man to own the house he lives in, and I can’t expect that he lives without a roommate. As the “other” in their bromance dyad, I learned through experience that it is better to build a relationship with the roommate at the beginning — one that is separate from the relationship with your main man. Here’s 9 reasons why it’s important to befriend your boyfriend’s roommate from the get-go.

1. He lives there.

Let’s face it: If you really like your boyfriend, chances are that you will be spending some time at the apartment. You don’t want the roommate to start staying at work late or sighing heavily as you walk through the door.

2. He is the first friend that your boyfriend will go to for advice.

Hypothetically speaking, if you get into a fight with your S.O, chances are that the two of them are going to bro out on the couch and talk about it. He can be your biggest ally or your worst enemy.

3. He knows your boyfriend as well as you do.

You can bond over how funny it is that he freaks out about food going bad. If you are ever frustrated with a quirk of his, you and the roomie can laugh silently together because he probably feels the same way.

4. Your boyfriend will appreciate it.

If you can get along with his roommate, than it means that he considers you to be a good person. Most likely, the two of them signed a lease together because they are friends. Guys don’t always take their friend’s advice about girls when they are blinded by the simple fact that they are sleeping with her. If you have the BFF approval, you’re in.

5. It won’t interrupt the bromance.

If the roommate hates you, than you will divide their friendship instead of joining it. The three of you should be able to go out on the weekend or to dinner without it feeling forced. In fact, the roommate will WANT to go to dinner with the two of you because he enjoys spending time with you, too.

6. You can build an alliance.

If your boyfriend decides to go out to the bar to have a bro’s night, his roommate will not encourage him to get that hot girl’s phone number. Instead, he will feel a loyalty to you and tell him that it’s a bad idea.

7. You can introduce him to your single friends.

If the roommate is single, and genuinely a good person, you will be open to setting him up with your most valuable single friends. Double-dates could be fun. The four of you can have chummy nights out on the town on the reg.

8. The roommate will respect your opinion.

Maybe he is dating a crazy girl, maybe he’s trying to buy white jeans for the summer time. Whatever the situation may be, if he asks for your opinion, he actually wants it. Even better, he will respect it.

9. It’s always nice to have another friend.

It’s hard enough keeping in contact with each one of your old friends. If you can genuinely enjoy hanging out with your boyfriend’s roommate, then you have more reason’s to cultivate the relationship with both your main main and his main man. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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