10 Reasons Why Dating A Metrosexual Man Is The Best

1. He’ll never get mad at you for buying expensive organic skin products because he understands how much better they are. In fact, chances are good he’ll wind up using your exfoliating face wash to the point where you’re the one who is slightly annoyed.

2. Physical appearance is important to him. He is not a dude who sits on the couch and drinks cheap beer all weekend while his gut grows to the size of Texas. You’ll have a built in gym buddy, and he won’t be too shy to hop on that elliptical next to you if that’s what you need to power you through 30 minutes.

3. He is fashionable. You’ll never have to dress him because he knows exactly what to wear to any event. (My biggest fight in this department with my boyfriend was what kind of pants to wear to a brunch. He won.)

4. He will watch rom-coms and chick flicks with you. Instead of going heavy on the Jason Statham wagon, chances are good he’ll watch About Time — and he’ll actually enjoy it.

5. He’ll get as excited for The Mindy Project and New Girl as you do, and won’t be able to decide who he wants to be like more — Danny Castellano or Nick Miller. (Likewise, when you can’t decide if you are more like Mindy or Jess, you’ll have someone to discuss these things with.)

6. Nine times out of 10, he’ll be able to cook like an Italian grandmother, and can literally make something out of nothing. Gourmet cheeseburgers, lemon ricotta pancakes, etc. (There’s no shame in telling people that he is a better cook than you are, either.)

7. He’ll appreciate online shopping. Instead of calling it a waste of time, he’ll be the one alerting you about all the sales. (But watching someone fill his virtual cart up with a million items and then log out because he feels guilty spending so much money on clothes that he might have to return if they don’t fit will be a really torturous mirror onto your own habits.)

8. He’ll appreciate pop music. The day you go to the Justin Timberlake concert without him will be the day that you crushed his soul.

9. He’ll understand why Khloe is your favorite Kardashian.

10. He is sensitive. He won’t be ashamed to let you know if he is upset and in turn, you won’t feel like he’s judging you for crying about something stupid because 99% of the time, he’ll get it. And isn’t that what a relationship is all about? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

featured image – New Girl

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