21 Ways To Stroll Through Your 20s With Confidence

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1. Learn to manage money. It’s important

2. Learn to manage time. It’s even more important. Make use of every spare minute. Respect your time and people’s time.

3. Stop saying just. There is nothing that’s just. Everything you say, as you say with a purpose, is of significance. Embrace yourself. You matter. Your voice matters.

4. Let life be. Be aware of your biases and try to keep your mind as open as possible. Having fixed ideas is easy to live by but that’s no way to live. Don’t put limitations on yourself.

5. Do more of the things that make you, you and happy and have no shame about it.

6. Give yourself the permission to screw up and feel. Know that it’s okay to make a fool of yourself. It’s okay to not get things right. It’s okay to be attracted to the wrong people. It’s okay to not be attracted to everyone who’s interested in you and nice to you.

7. Get out of your comfort zone more often. It’ll make you stronger, better and you know deep down, you fucking love the thrill of anticipating and then nailing it.

8. Always aim for the best because even if you fail, you’ll be somewhere near. Never settle for good or just enough — if you can do better, do better.

9. The harder thing to do is always the better thing to do. Be brave and trust your judgements. Once a decision is made, move forward and focus on what could be done now. Don’t waste time on regrets because you already did what you got to do at any given moment. Though, it’s okay to regret. We all do.

10. Never do anything half-arsed. Put your heart and effort in whatever you set your mind on doing and have a blast out of it. It might not make sense now but it definitely will later.

11. You’re the adult now. You take responsibility and make sure you deliver what you say you would. Admit you’re wrong when you’re wrong. Learn from your mistakes.

12. Be grateful for what you have now. Be appreciative of the people who are here for you. Let go of bad memories, hurtful remarks. Forgive the people who do wrong to you. You deserve to be free of them all and you will.

13. Say yes more often. But don’t be afraid to say no.

14. You’re never too good for any job especially when you’re just starting. Be keen. Be humble. Be assertive. You’ll learn things that are surprisingly useful when you least expect. You might come across opportunities that will change your life forever.

15. There are good days and there are bad days. That’s life. Don’t let the latter put you down and hold you back. Stay strong and march forward with faith in yourself. Though, if there are more bad days than good, you know you need to do something about it.

16. Make sure you know yourself well. Who you are, what you are good and bad at, what makes you happy, etc. and never sell yourself short.

17. You’re not a narcissist for loving yourself and taking good care of yourself. In fact, you need to love yourself and take good care of yourself first before you could do so for others.

18. Don’t let who you are be defined by your beauty but don’t be a fool thinking look doesn’t matter. It does and you can use it to your advantage. Also, looking good will make you feel good too, so why not?

19. Never regret having feelings and showing them, even to the people who don’t deserve it. The truth is, not everyone gets to experience all the intense feelings you got to feel and have the courage to express them if any. Know that those feelings are what makes it amazing to be human, and what you’d actually regret more is all the things left unspoken.

20. There are people who are interested in you and excited about your existence and those who just aren’t. You can’t really do anything about it and it’s okay. You don’t need those people to like you and you don’t have to. Drop that pressure. It’s not high school anymore.

21. Never be sorry for who you are. Better yourself where you could but always stay true to the authentic you. Be you even if it means being different or not being liked by many people. Be you because it will attract the right people into your life. Be you because what would be the point of this life otherwise? Be you because it’s fun to live life your way. Be you because there are things only you when being you could offer. Be you because you love you for exactly who you are and it’s the only kind of love you would want to give and get from others. And know that it’s just life, it’s all okay. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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