This Is How To Do No Strings Attached

Two o’clock in the morning, her phone rang. Without so much as a glance at the screen name, she had already known who was calling.

“I’m downstairs.”, he said, “Someone just let me inside the building. Are you coming down?”

“Alright, wait.”

It was somewhat strange for her to hear his voice on the phone as they never really spoke much. The last time she had heard from him was a simple text saying he would be coming to her city at the weekend, to which she’d had one word in reply, “Okay.” It is simply how their relationship works if relationship is even an apt word here. Well, frankly, it is a fuck buddy situation, no strings attached, no expectation, no bullshit. She likes it when everything is clear. When things are clear, it’s fair and beneficial to both parties.

The lift door opened. To her slight surprise, her eyes met his right away as he was waiting for this exact same lift.

“Oh, hey. I did not expect to see you here. I was about to come up.”, he said with a grin as he entered the lift with her.

It had been more than a month since they last met. He still looked fine to her. Fine enough for her to not regret staying up till this hour and potentially being awake the whole night.

To be fair, she had never regretted anything with him. The first time she saw him, she had already set her mind on taking him home, for this man could turn her on merely by being the man he was. Every inch of him, to her, is a beautiful interpretation of the word manhood. She adores the idea of him and even the fact that she could objectify him for her pleasure. The best part is that, hearing this, he would dearly tell her, “I don’t mind being objectified by you.” with a charming, cocky smile.

Though, this kind of meet-up was actually unusual for her as she had never been into the whole hook-up culture. It is not because she is a prude who saves sex for marriage or she is afraid of the stigma attached to casual sex for women. For her, it is simple that she could not be arsed. Being a woman means the release of brain chemicals and hormones after sex would leave her longing for the man who she could not care less otherwise, which would give her no choice but to suppress her unintended feelings. However, suppression would take up her mental capacity, meaning less space for other important matters, not to mention the possibility of depression when suppression backfires. Plus, there is always a risk of STDs, pregnancy and other complications. In a nutshell, to her, casual sex is simply not worth it.

However, he was a special case. She wouldn’t say this man was worth such risks but she found his way of doing things particularly manly and trustworthy, and something about him makes her incredibly excited.

The sex was good, the cuddle was good, the snoring was not very good but was made up for by the fact that he would hold her all night in her sleep, which she liked. The sight of his perfectly chiselled face in the morning was also good. She even enjoyed the realization that past ten she just wanted him out of her bed as soon as possible to get on with her day because by then she was sure she was no longer a victim of her own biological make-up.

It was good because it was fair. It’s not one of those stories where the woman believes the man genuinely likes her, lets her guard down and sleeps with him only to find out that either he is a mediocre, pragmatic guy who is only interested in hooking up or he simply loses interest after sex for whatever reason. The woman would feel confused, cheated, hurt, especially if she would never think twice about him had she known he is essentially not the same kind as her, for being the same kind as her is the only way he could ever be let inside her world.

In this case, there are three mistakes a woman frequently makes: 1) sticking around as long as necessary for him to develop deeper feelings for her; 2) blaming herself for losing his strong initial interest, hence putting even more effort to prove to him that she’s worth more than that; and 3) allowing him to treat her whatever way he pleases because she thinks it’s what she deserves or because she still has feelings for him. This is the mentality and reasoning of a woman who is emotionally weak, has low self-esteem, low self-respect and poor boundaries or rather naive. A wise woman would certainly make sure her dignity is intact while making her exit as soon as possible after she realizes that what she gets from the deal is not what she wants.

She was sure she would get want she wanted from him. That was why she let him come back to her place, knowing they would be able to serve each other fair and square.

“I thought you don’t want to do this any more?”, he asked intriguingly as they were resting on her bed, recalling the time she had turned down his hook-up request.

“I changed my mind.”


“Sex is good for my body. And you’re hot.”, she answered matter-of-factly.
This nonchalant attitude from her indeed amused him.

“Haha good to hear.”, he laughed cheerfully while his hand was finding its way down her thighs, “Have you always been like this?”

“Like what? Horny?”, she smirked.

“Sure, you are! But no. I mean, thinking like a man?”, he said jokingly, “But it’s cool though.”

Little did he know she was caught off guard for a second but for sure this woman was excellent at keeping her composure.

“Well, too much talking, don’t you think? Let’s get down to business.”

Having said that, she gave him an alluring half-smile that instantly reminded him of his reason to be here. She grabbed his neck and tasted him. She could feel every part of his strong body pressing against hers, roughly, hurriedly, aggressively just the way she liked.

Right then they already knew it was going to be another good night. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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