38 Listicles To Write About YOURSELF (And Include In Your Dating Profile)


There are so many list articles out there about personality, love and dating that anyone could find something to relate to, like things you should know before dating an introvert, struggles people who are messy would understand, etc. But then I think, why don’t we write list articles about ourselves? Like, not about a group of people that we can relate to here and there, but just about ourselves, something we can relate to ENTIRELY, something that’s JUST US? I know it takes time and effort (and finding out more about each other gradually is the whole point of the dating process) but isn’t it still a great and fun idea to get to know yourself better and let people learn more about you too?

If you’re interested, here’s a list of article ideas to write about yourself:

  1. X Things You Should Know Before Dating Me
  2. X Struggles Only People Like Me Would Understand
  3. X Eye-Roll Worthy Things You Should Never Say To Me
  4. X Reasons I’m Not Interested In You
  5. X Reasons I’m Not Answering Your Texts
  6. X Things I Consider Major Red Flags
  7. X Things That Turn Me On Instantly
  8. X Signs I Have A Crush On You
  9. X Reasons You And I Should Probably Just Start Dating Already
  10. X Undeniable Truths About Dating A <Insert Your Profession> Like Me
  11. X First Date Ideas That Would Guarantee You A Second Date With Me
  12. X Common Problems I Deal With In My Dating Lives
  13. X People That You Will Have To Win Over If You Want To Date/Marry Me
  14. X Unexpected Perks Of Dating Me
  15. X Signs I’m About To Break Up With You
  16. X Reasons We Better Be Friends
  17. X Things I Can’t Live Without
  18. X Songs That Perfectly Capture My Love Life
  19. X Things That You Will Have To Compromise If You Date Me
  20. X Behaviours That I Will Not Tolerate
  21. X Facial Expressions I Have And What They Really Mean
  22. X Things I Say And What They Really Mean
  23. X Things You Should Know Before Meeting My Mom
  24. X Things You Should Know When I’m Angry
  25. X People I have Been With That You Should Know About
  26. X Reasons Being With Me Is Awesome
  27. X Ways To Win Me Over
  28. X Things You Do That Totally Break My Heart
  29. X Little Things You Do That Make My Day Instantly Better
  30. X Annoying Habits That I Cannot Stand
  31. X Things That I Only Share When We Are Close Enough
  32. X Signs I’m Still Not Over My Ex And You Should Give Me Time
  33. X Signs You Are In My Friendzone
  34. X Signs You Are In My Fuckzone
  35. X Signs I Totally Trust You
  36. X Signs You Are Like A Brother To Me
  37. X Signs I’m Not Sure How I Feel About You
  38. X Signs I Totally Want To Take You Home Tonight Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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