15 Things That Happen When You’re A 20-Something And Lost

Frances Ha
Frances Ha

1. You kind of have ideas of who you could be but absolutely no idea if it’s who you *really* want to be.

2. You like a lot of things and are good at a few things but are not excellent at anything so you don’t know what to focus on.

3. You feel comforted reading about people 23 and lost, or any 20-something and lost, because you know you’re not alone in this boat but at the same time you’re kind of freaking out because it means that time doesn’t necessarily change anything.

4. Your CV is a long list of *very* random, odd jobs and by this you mean none of those experiences have anything to do with each other unless you’re actually an underground cop then it makes sense a little.

5. Half of the time you believe you’re definitely the next Bill Gates and your shit is going to be the best of best-selling ever but the other half you are like, shit I’m not going to make it.

6. Half of the time you believe you are great, you will get a great job at a great firm but the other half you are like, shit I’m going to have a crappy dead-end jobs and live alone forever.

7. Job application is 50% of lies and 50% of wishing you were not lying because it always makes you sound like you are *soooo* sure of what you want to do but yeah, you wish.

8. You feel like you could literally take any job offer right now as long as it pays the bills and you have a desk with a swivel chair to spin around when bored because what’s the difference? It’s all 9 to 5 doing something you don’t really care about anyway.

9. You think travelling the world would solve all your problems and if travelling was free, people would probably never see you around again. Adios.

10. You google 20-something and lost and you are reading this right now because you think it’s about you.

11. You feel meh about most things most days.

12. You haven’t done anything out of your comfort zone for a very long time.

13. You feel like you’re not really doing anything except for getting old.

14. You constantly ask yourself: What’s the point of all this? What am I supposed to do? Who am I? and only silence answers you. Then the pizza delivery guy because f*ck this shit, you need to eat first.

15. After all, you admit being 20-something is hard but you tell yourself it’s going to be okay because at the back of your mind you know you’re allowed to be lost, you’re supposed to be lost, you need to be lost before you can find your true self. It’s going to be okay because you still question life, question yourself, still look for your own answers and keep going no matter what. And it’s definitely okay because you will give the best of you to whatever you are going to do and make sure you will have a blast. So maybe life is happening exactly the way it’s supposed to be. You just don’t know it yet but it is. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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