12 Classic Things Any Psychology Major Can Relate To

iStockphoto: simonkr
iStockphoto: simonkr
  1. You’re used to people being surprised at how much free time you have and the envious looks on those engineer or maths majors’ faces. But it also means you’d wake up and be like, “Shit, do I have class today? What day is it today?
  2. You automatically trace everything wrong with you now back to your childhood and of course blame your parents. Date a new guy and become insecure? Well, it must be because of something wrong with your relationship with your dad. Or is it because your parents didn’t pay enough attention to you?? Damn, totally their faults!!!
  3. You say “subconsciously” more frequently than you should because like, lots of things are happening subconsciously!! (even when they don’t.)
  4. You guess people’s experiments. When you participate people’s experiments for credits or read about an experiment somewhere on the internet, before it’s even explained to you, you have already had all the ideas what it is REALLY about. Ask you to judge theangle of a bunch of lines? Oh, don’t even try! You already know it’s about brain gender. Or is it?
  5. Every time you make a judgement, you’d suddenly stop and be like, “Am I being biased?” You have learned and read so much about all sorts of cognitive biases that you become sceptical about literally everything in real life now. Meet a new guy and think he’s great? Wait a second. That might be the Hallo effect. However, a plus point is that your mind becomes very open and you don’t mind giving people a second chance.
  6. You diagnose your own problems and often end up freaking the f*ck out since you start to see disorders in everything you do. In a way, you’re quite comforted by all the long ass sciency words that actually help explain your problem even though yours is probably nowhere near serious.
  7. You get defensive about words like “retard”, “crazy”. You might be even one of those people who used to throw these words around but after you learn about their meaning in a clinical sense or observe what it’s really like for those who suffer, you would get serious and feel the need to explain why calling someone retard or crazy, or using the word retard to offend is definitely not okay. It’s also damn annoying for you to hear some dude casually call his perfectly sane girlfriend “crazy”.
  8. You find the idea of going to student counselling unnecessary because you think you already know what they’re going to say to you and duh, you’re a Psychology major, you know your problem!! (even though you probably don’t know shit and might actually need help.)
  9. You’re fed up with all the Psychology jokes. First year, okay, it’s funny, you can play along with that. Second year, sigh, isn’t it too old already? After 3 years, well, it’s official now that you have no tolerance left for any of the eye-roll worthy shit people say to Psychology majors. Please stahp!
  10. You feel the need to cite everything you say, even in your internet arguments, which is what happens after years of intensive training in referencing and terrifying markdown for not namingone study.
  11. Still, when it comes to exams, you could never remember the names of those researchers. Damn them names. Van Ijzendoorn andBakermans-Kranenburg. Wut?
  12. After all, the more you study, the more you love your subject and the happier you are with your choice of degree. You realize this is the right course for you and you definitely have become more aware of the things happening around you and within you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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