13 Things Highly Fulfilled People Do Differently From Everyone Else


I often notice that highly fulfilled people are the most beautiful, successful people in life but not necessarily the other way round. These people send out a special kind of energy that attracts good things and good people to them and shine wherever they go. From personal experiences, I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by many of those like that in my daily life. Their outlooks, ways of being and doing things are always a great source of motivations and inspirations to me.

Here’s the list of 13 things these happy, content, satisfied people do differently from everyone else:

1. They adopt a positive attitude.

Fulfilled people know the importance of a positive attitude in maintaining their well-being and happiness. That’s why they always greet life with energy and see the good side of any situation. By consciously developing this positive thinking, they bring more optimism into their life, keep themselves motivated and eventually attain success.

2. They have a sense of gratitude.

These people don’t take things for granted. They appreciate things they have in life, from the food they eat, the people they meet to the opportunities they are given. Thus, it allows them to always view a situation in a good light, come up with new solutions and fight off stress.

3. They have fun.

People who have a fulfilling life are ones who know how and when to let loose and go out there to celebrate life. They work hard but they play even harder. In fact, even when they are working, they find a way to have fun with their work. That’s how they stay energized and give the best of themselves to the world.

4. They ward off worries.

A highly fulfilled person would be too busy enjoying life to be worried for nothing. They don’t sit there all day to cry over a mistake or a broken love. They don’t over-think about something they have no control over or dwell on the past. What they do in addition to always be positive is that they make the most of any given situation and learn from their mistakes to become a better person. Also, they keep their mind stress free by doing what they love, having fun, or meeting people and instead of being sad, they consciously choose to be awesome.

5. They live in the moment.

Instead of worrying about the past or the future, these people choose to fully engage in the present. They pay attention to what’s happening now, in real life, with real people, not their phone or any social media feeds. They know that now is the last moment they will ever live; now is when they could leave an impact; now is the chance they could turn everything around; so now is always what matters most.

6. They keep their mind open.

Happy, fulfilled people are open-minded people. They embrace diversity and differences. They take in all new ideas and put themselves in other people’s shoes to understand their situations instead of being dismissive or judgemental. None of your drama would come as a shock to them. They would calmly smile and tell you to “fuck that” and enjoy life like they do.

7. They speak out their thoughts.

A fulfilled person is not afraid to speak their mind. If they want to say something, they say it. If they find someone attractive, they give that person a compliment. When they see something unfair, they don’t just keep silence and walk away; they fight till the end. They don’t care what people might judge. They give their honest opinions and stand up for themselves with confidence.

8. They dare to dream and pursue their dream.

While many people see the impossibilities in life, these people dare to dream and they dream big. Even when someone says their dream is not practical, they keep faith in themselves and never give up too easily. They know that if they want to live life fully, they need to do things that truly make them happy, to follow their most burning passion. If they dream to be an artist, they won’t stop painting. If they dream to be an astronaut, they will find a way to the moon. Even when what it takes is to design and build their own spaceship, no problem!

9. They stay true to themselves.

They never lie to themselves. They admit it when they are wrong and they are not afraid to be wrong. They never pretend to be someone they are not or go out of their way to prove themselves to anyone. They accept and embrace who they are. They dress as they please. They do things they believe that are right. By being true to themselves, they have the ability to connect with others and the world on different levels.

10. They are willing to take risks.

Knowing risks are essential in making great changes and achieving goals, people who live life to the fullest are not afraid to put their vulnerability on the line and face uncertainty if it means getting what they truly want and need. It applies to all areas of their life, either business or love. They are courageous. They don’t settle. They speak up. They never let fear hold themselves back because they know the things they regret most are the things they never do.

11. They love freely and passionately.

People who experience a fulfilled life are those who are open to love and give it their best like how they go about everything else in life. They are not scared to show their weaknesses, to be vulnerable because they know that’s how they touch life authentically. No boundaries could stop them from being in love or separate them from their loved ones. They love someone the same way as they live their passion, always feeling like it’s the best love story that could ever be written.

12. They explore new things.

These people are always eager and willing to try new things as they constantly push themselves forward. They actively find ways to challenge themselves and come up with new ideas to enrich their life. They’re curious about their surroundings and never stop learning. To them, life is a playground with endless, exciting possibilities that they can’t wait to discover.

13. They take good care of themselves.

Highly fulfilled people prioritize their health, either physically or mentally because they know for sure that being healthy is what enables them to do everything else in life. But taking good care of oneself doesn’t stop at the body; it also means being in tune with one’s inner world. These people do differently by always listening to their body, their mind, their heart. They take time to get to know themselves, acknowledge their accomplishments, set their own boundaries and simply let them be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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