For Those Who Forget To Live In The Moment

Many of us are victims who fall into the hole of insecurities and uncertainties. It happens countless times, and you do not even realize you have fallen until you get lost. Finally, you feel nothing but empty inside because your efforts have proved fruitless.

While you fell into the hole, you dug yourself tunnels striving to find your way out. You designed and premeditated; you made calculations and flowcharts; you systematized your rations. You were hopeful that you would come out as a survivor before the storm even began. But eventually, you realize that you have dug yourself a maze that not even the creator – yourself, could escape.

The future and its promises are circumstantial… it is one of the most daunting things that you will have to face. So what do you do? You plan and organize your life into boxes with categories and labels. Your method of tackling problems of the unknown is to prepare for every situation. Each box was labeled with a scenario, and inside you could find an assortment of solutions and resources to help you handle the situation. You believe that planning for what is yet to come will ease the anxiety. By following one of your many thought-out plans that nothing could go wrong, right?

I do not need to tell you the answer and what the reality really is because you already know it. It is hidden in one of your boxes that you have seemed to forget you had since you were too busy filling up and preparing other boxes. Those other boxes will never prepare you like the one that will give you the absolute truth: there is no template, no plan, no right way, and no way of knowing how to go about a situation until it happens.

It is difficult to not get caught up trying to find equanimity and order in your life. People like us have been trying to follow templates, models, and prototypes for every little part of their life: love, family, work, friends. You planned for a special occasion with your boyfriend during Christmas when it was only July. You planned for your grandmother’s 90th birthday when she was still 88. You planned years in advance for your dream career interview with precogitated questions when you were 16. You planned to get together in a week with your friends and with a full agenda when you are on good terms.

But none of us would have anticipated or imagined an utterly different outcome that is NOT in one of your boxes of solutions. Life is not a drill. There are no fire drill instructions to follow for every circumstance. There is no manual for you go from step one to the finishing product.

Life is messy, but you do not have to plan it in order to get through it. You just find a way. It just appears like a magic trick. It appears when you least expect it. The totally unforeseen outcome may be more rewarding than anything anticipated, and that in itself is beautiful.
So do not fret about what is yet to happen. Do not lose yourself in boxes and boxes of what-ifs and possible solutions. Be hopeful and just wait patiently. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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