You Are Meant To Be Called Home

Everton Vila
Everton Vila

You’re tired. You’re tired of all these layers you can’t keep from covering you. You’re tired of waiting for that someone who’s gonna stop you from building all these walls. Tired of putting your best foot forward only to be told you are never enough. Tired of hearing it’s going to be okay when it’s not.

It’s hard to see the light when there’s always a cloud of disappointment hovering over you. It’s hard to find that voice when all you hear are the bellows of the demons crippling your mind. But listen. You are not defined by the people who chose to walk away from you. You are not an open minefield waiting to explode at the people you choose to let in. You are a beautiful complexity and it’s not your fault you’re misunderstood.

Many people claim to have you all figured out because of the things you show or tell them. Many try to knock all your walls down and force themselves in. But in the end, they will give up and blame you for being a tough one to crack. As if that’s a flaw. As if that’s something that you need to fix.

You are meant to be deciphered by someone who does not think of you as a puzzle to be solved. The wrong ones always abandon ship because they think you only grow more impalpable as they get deeper and deeper into your maze. They don’t understand that the goal is not to get to the end, because YOU are the maze. Difficult, but enchanting. And someday, the right one will choose to get lost in and marvel even at the parts you try to hide from everyone else. The right one will stay.

You are meant to be with someone who sees through you. Someone who does not need to know all the things that ever happened to you just to understand your ways. Someday, someone is gonna call you their home. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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