When Fate Calls You To Love Again

 Ibrahim Asad

Ibrahim Asad

You can never really expect what life will throw at you. You can ask for signs and let them lead you to whatever you think is for you, but somehow, someway, you get the most unexpected twinkle of moment that just might change your life — forever.

This is exactly what happened to me May 14th of 2016. I was in that point in my life where I didn’t really care about anything at all; not my studies, not my friends, not even myself. My night had been the same, uninteresting drag that I thought would just continue on for the days to come until we talked later that evening. What was meant to be a joke then didn’t seem like it would be our reality eventually.

We chatted for hours and to be frank, I was afraid. Afraid of opening up myself again to someone I barely even know. But still, it happened. We started off so reserved and so cautious, yet we both knew that there were more to ourselves than just those forced hellos and awkward goodbyes.

So we jumped into it. Like jumping off a cliff, not knowing if we’ll survive. We found out that we both like the same little things, same sweet songs and same heartbreaking movies, and just like our favorite movie said, we thought that “this is not a love story.” We thought wrong. But just like the point of all this, it was unlooked-for and that was what made it all real.

To be honest, I still do not understand the reason behind all of this. I still have a lot of questions that are going around in my head about you and what this could actually be.

If I am certain of one thing, it is that I would risk all uncertainties just to be with you because being with you is the proof that life is much more beautiful when it is unanticipated.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that you found me when I couldn’t even admit to myself that I was hiding from my misery. You changed that misery into something so mysterious that I would spend my days solving the enticing mystery that is you. Thank you for being the best spur of the moment I have yet experienced.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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