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On Moving Back To New York City

And the sheen the city once had when it was new and exciting and fresh and you’d just moved here the first time, that sheen is still there, but it’s warped a little.

It’s OK To Be The Underdog

But whatever your circumstances, you have to remember that you never have to measure up to these people, the ones who have no right to judge you to begin with, just as you can’t judge them for all of the things they have.

The 4 Facets Of Womanhood, According To Sex and the City

The Charlotte part of our brains is reserved for the archetypal notions of femininity that have managed to stick around even after Working Girl and everything else that suggested that women might actually be useful for something outside of looking pretty, raising children, and having dinner on the table by 6:30.

11 Ways Childhood Has Changed Since The 90s

Now, Sketchers as we knew them are a thing of the past. Instead, toddlers can get their Diane Von Furstenberg fix at Gap, and grow out of it two weeks later. Oscar de la Renta designs for children. A baby walked in a Chanel runway show. I can’t even afford Chanel lipstick.

I’m Tired Of Doing Things “For The Story”

Whether we end up endorsing it à la Klan Kardashian is another matter entirely, but there’s something so shameless about heading out to that shady party or drinking an entire bottle of scotch or dating that crusty guy with the sole aim of having a good story to tell later.

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