This Woman’s Impressions Of Celebrities Stuck In Traffic Are Amazing

As someone born and raised in Los Angeles, I know two things are true:

1. Traffic unequivocally sucks, but it makes a great conversation point.
2. Celebrities… they’re just like us! (Tabloids say they are, so it must be true!)

And in LA, eventually, you’re going to run into a celebrity while stuck in traffic. It’s the great Venn Diagram of the town. Because the person sitting in that ‘souped up Benz next to you when the 405 is doing its parking lot shuffle? The one who looks like Bruce Willis? Yeah. That actually is Bruce Willis.

But if you’ve never lived in LA or never been in traffic next to a celebrity, don’t fret — comedian Lauren O’Brien does killer impressions of what celebrities would be like in traffic on her Instagram. But if virtual reality in 15 second doses isn’t enough for you, here’s a supercut of 14 impressions — including Lena Dunham, Angelina Jolie, Taylor Swift, and Ellen Degeneres. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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