17 Things You Know All Too Well If You Had A Job In College

1. When everyone is rallying to party it up at 10 p.m. on a Thursday, you had to stay in to study, were working a night shift, or were getting sleep so you could work on your Friday night.

2. … and the same thing happened on Friday and Saturday, so it sometimes felt like you had no social life at all.

3. If there was a work deadline or you were really frazzled between juggling so many things, you had to get really creative with explaining to that one teacher why you needed an extension on that paper. You also had a running list of which teachers would be more understanding than others.

4. Often, you’d load two or three days a week with all your classes, thinking it’d be easier that way… until you had four papers due on the same day.

5. The bag you’d schlep between campus and work and the dorm or your apartment was never not gigantic and filled with so many books and clothes and whatever you needed at any given moment.

6. You had a secret envy for the people who did not have to work during college and it felt like there was always a divide between you and them.

7. Needless to say, pretty much all your friends also worked because you just… got each other… on a level that the non-working students really didn’t.

8. You also were more likely to be friends with your coworkers rather than your classmates.

9. People would tell you that they never saw you around campus, and you were always just like, “yeah, I know, that’s because I go to class, and then book it to my job.”

10. Your multitasking skills are legendary. Insane. Bar none the best.

11. But so is your ability to put both work and projects off until the very. last. minute. until you’re screwed on both counts. It’s the all-or-nothing in you.

12. You probably learned more from your college jobs than you learned in the actual classroom. Still to this day, you’re relying on those skills you garnered from your jobs way more than the ones you got from a lecture.

13. People ask you where you interned, and you’re like, “… Uh. Life?”

14. You’re not sure you really slept at all during those four years.

15. You are, however, sure that you should have invested in stocks for caffeine, if those things exist. You’re still holding out for a caffeine IV.

16. You’re constantly second-guessing if you’re allowed to still keep your old boss on your resume as a reference — especially if you graduated any time more than five years ago.

17. You got a taste of the self-sufficient life early on and that has stayed with you. It’s pretty much one of your best qualities, because but whenever anyone hands you one assignment too many at whatever job you have now, you’re just like, no sweat, I got this. Because anything after 40-hours-and-two-papers-a-week is cake, and always will be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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