17 Things That Happen When Your Pet Is Your Best Friend

Thought Catalog recently attended Purina’s Better With Pets summit–a conference that brought together scientists, researchers and other experts on the leading innovations in pet care. In honor of human-pet friendships everywhere, we’ve decided to embrace the weird things that can happen when your pet truly is #1. Celebrate the BFF in your life with the following seventeen points, brought to you by Purina.


1. The process of finding someone to pet sit when you have to go on a trip is excruciating. What if your pet doesn’t like them? You can’t just leave them with ANYONE, so you might as well just cancel your vacation, right?

2. Your phone background, camera roll, and Instagram account are devoted to untold amounts of photos of your pet doing something — anything! — even just sleeping there.

3. In fact, you’ve set up an Instagram account (and maybe even a corresponding Twitter account) just for your pet.

4. You know they have it in them to be the next Grumpy Cat, if only the Internet would catch up.

5. You constantly use your pet as an excuse to leave a party early, not just because you actually need to feed them (you made sure of that) but because you just want to hang with them.

6. In fact, a Saturday night with just you, Netflix, and your fluffball sounds like A+ plans to you.

7. Any person you ever consider dating is vetted through your pet. If they don’t like them, that’s not a relationship you see going anywhere.

8. And you’re more likely to kick someone else out of bed than kick your pet out of bed.

9. You have full-on conversations with your pet, and interpret their stares, blinks, and tail swishes as acceptable methods of reply.

10. They often eat better than you do.

11. But you also have a running list of all the foods that are safe and unsafe to give them, so you freak out a little if you give them a piece of steak that was cooked with onion.

12. You know people say that their pet is the cutest or the smartest, but like, seriously… yours really is.

13. And any time you see a pet that looks like yours (either in a .gif online, or on the street) you are almost guaranteed to lose your mind over how much it looks like your baby.

14. If you can’t take your dog to chill at the sidewalk cafe for brunch, you’ll pick another lunch spot. (Alternatively, you’ve actually considered getting your cat a leash.)

15. Pet sweaters and Halloween costumes are not out of the ordinary for you.

16. You tell your pet all of your secrets, rant about people and work and your life, and know deep down that if they actually ever did begin talking, you would be in a world of trouble.

17. And even though you might complain about them and the annoying things they do and all the poop you have to clean up, you know that your pet isn’t just your best friend — it’s family, too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


This post brought to you by Purina. Check out Better With Pets to see more inspiring stories about innovation in pet care.

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