17 Signs You’d Totally Survive The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games
The Hunger Games
Or at least not die within the first five minutes in the Arena.

1. You’re a naturally competitive person. Every work project, every game you play — everything — is a chance to win, to the point where people often don’t like playing with you.

2. A workout is not a workout. A workout is training for the Games.

3. And you’ve considered taking CrossFit classes because it seems like those skills could help you in the long run.

4. You dress for comfort, not for style. The only way you’re getting into high heels is if you might need a weapon later.

5. You really like looking up recipes just in case you’d ever need to know how to braise dandelion greens or skin a squirrel on a moment’s notice.

6. And you’re full of otherwise seemingly useless information like which mushrooms are safe to eat or how to MacGyver a fire with like, your shoe and some lipstick.

7. You pride yourself on your pain threshold, and try to brace yourself against colds, cuts, and the like without any painkillers.

8. Your ability to go without taking a shower is so disgustingly long, it borders on impressive.

9. Your personal motto is “take no prisoners.”

10. You understand the difference between friends and allies, and value each accordingly.

11. Picky eater? You? Never.

12. When meeting anyone new, you find yourself momentarily looking them up and down and assessing if you could take them.

13. You’re a decent enough actor, and are not afraid of lying to someone to get yourself out of a really sticky situation.

14. And I’m not saying you wouldn’t feel badly for worming your way out of everything, but I’m also not saying you wouldn’t do it first, and then feel remorse later.

15. People have straight-up told you that you would probably survive longer than they would, which seems like a compliment at first, but then you have to wonder silently if they’re actually saying that they’re afraid you’d take them down and out at a moment’s notice.

16. Family members have to remind you to let younger cousins win at board games sometimes.

17. And you are 100% prepared to throw down in the line at the movie theater if anyone so much as hints that they have a differing opinion on Gale vs. Peeta than you do. May the odds be ever in your favor. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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