9 Scientific Reasons Why You Should Embrace Your Inner Basic Girl

1. Basics have a strong work-life balance. It’s easy to be a workaholic in a world that never unplugs (I know, I am a chronic type-A person) but basic girls know how to give their all at work — and then switch focus entirely on the meal, party, or spin class they’re taking immediately after. Pack your schedule a little tight, but give yourself wholeheartedly to each thing you do. It’ll make you a more well-rounded person (and more refreshed for when you actually do have to work).

2. Basics find joy in the little things. Who cares so much about flavored coffee beverages? Basics do. Who cares about their new nail art design? Basics. They remember their friends’ Instagram posts and tweets. They make sure to craft a really great birthday text with an untold amount of emoji. And you know what? Being able to see the best parts of your everyday life makes you that much more satisfied with the world around you.

3. Sometimes it’s good to just let go of the weight of the world. A basic girl revels in what most people would find to be inconsequential. No, watching your likes stack up on Instagram isn’t going to solve the world’s problems, but nobody ever said it would. Life is stressful, and constantly working toward something all the time is exhausting. Finding happiness in the inane (and making time to laugh) isn’t only a welcome break, but it can de-stress you completely.

4. Nobody can say a basic girl isn’t healthy. Whether she reblogs photos of avocado toast on her Tumblr or pins recipes to her Pinterest board, she’s attune to what whole foods and clean eats will propel her body to #fitness and fuel her #fitfam #grind. Chances are she has a spin class, 5k, or yoga retreat in her future too, because she knows that health is a holistic endeavor and demands time in both the kitchen and the gym.

5. But they also know the importance of indulging every once in a while. Let us revisit the pumpkin spice latte. It’s full of sugar (even more if you add whip) and is, by all accounts, very little coffee and more flavor. But if you schedule in with that green juice, you’re balancing your diet. Find healthy versions of treats on Pinterest, or just go crazy one night and eat Nutella out of the jar, indulging every once in a while will actually keep your willpower running.

6. They have a remedy for everything. Feeling under the weather? A basic will recommend some sort of ginger-cayenne concoction. Got a zit the size of Alaska? She’ll know which mask, scrub, and peel to use. Basics have hacks for every home remedy, DIY decoration fix, and potential beauty disaster — and being ingenuitive is proven to make you feel more capable and proud of your actual work. (Not to mention that there are benefits to treating your cold holistically rather than making sweet love to the NyQuil bottle.)

7. The girl can probably dress. Basics are going to know how to look appropriate for any situation, be it work, a bonfire, or the beach. They know the power is in the details — why else take selfies up close and from every angle so that your blog can marvel over your latest finds? Whether or not you’re personally into the allover J. Crew-L.L. Bean-Bloomingdales-Marc Jacobs ensemble your typical basic girl ascribes to, being able to dress for the occasion is key — especially if you want to get ahead at work.

8. They have tight-knit bonds. A basic girl is nothing without her girls. They’re the first people she tells anything to — usually in a group text that spans months and months of both everyday and special activities — and she’s not shy in expressing how #blessed she is to have them in her life. Good friends are important to anyone’s life (they can even help you ward off cancer!) and having a strong support system is key for so much in your life.

9. They understand the power of faith — whether they’re using #blessed ironically or earnestly; believe in a higher power or just in Beyoncé (though who’s to say Beyoncé isn’t a higher power?) or wholeheartedly compare their every move and action against their horoscope and whether or not Mercury is retrograde. And faith actually has a lot of health benefits going for it, so though you may mock her for using the praise hands emoji at every turn, give in every now and again and trust that just maybe, things will go right and your barista will spell your name right on your Starbucks cup. Hey, you never know. Today might just be your day. #Blessed Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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