27 Signs You’re A Little Too Obsessed With Game Of Thrones

1. You’re able, first of all, to keep the ever-revolving cast of characters straight in your head.

2. … Up to and including who has fought/killed/slept with/married/disowned/threatened/backstabbed whom.

3. You have very strong opinions as to pre-haircut/post-haircut Jaime Lannister.

4. You know how to spell any given name or place without Googling it first.

5. You really, really want a dragon (but will settle for a direwolf.)

Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones

6. You kind of understand why Arya is gaining popularity as a baby name. (Khaleesi, sort of. Like, not really, but hey. The dragon thing.)

7. Anyone who disturbs you at 9 pm on Sunday nights is immediately on your kill list.

8. (Up to and including HBOgo.)

9. No, like really. You have told people that if they dare tear you away from your TV or computer screen, it’s a sign you either love them unconditionally, or will hate them for the rest of days.

10. You’ve watched or read pretty upsetting scenes and caught yourself (almost-not-quite) rationalizing really disturbing plot lines and character motives.

11. If someone addressed you as Khal or Khaleesi in an email, like, you wouldn’t hate it.

Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones

12. You know there are two people in this world: those who have read the books, and people who think watching the show is “close enough” (so, liars.)

13. You hate Pinterest above all things – but yeah, you’ve searched for tutorials in order to recreate some of those braids.

14. You’ve found yourself waiting anxiously for certain scenes in certain seasons…

15. … only to rage for the remaining episodes or between-seasons break as to why they did something wrong, what they did wrong, and how you personally would fix it.

16. Your dream living room decor involves an Iron Throne, because of course it does.

17. You don’t just have a favorite character — oh, no. You have a favorite massacre, death, betrayal, or otherwise morbid happening that would solidify you as a pretty unhinged human being in literally any other scenario.

18. Any wedding you attend without at least one death seems like a pretty mundane affair. (But if the invite says open bar, you’re not ruling out the possibility.)

Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones

19. When you call anyone “sir” in everyday life, you spell it ser in your head.

20. You know what you would name your sword should you ever have one fashioned for yourself.

21. You’re still kind of waiting for the Internet to go crazy with season 4’s “All Men Must Die” tagline and call it an egregious example of the most appalling misandry. (Valar morghulis, suckers.)

22. You also have a favorite evil character and prefer their brand of twisted to all others.

23. You believe that people can either be vehemently pro-Sansa, or think she’s the worst ever. There is no in between, and you only trust those with whom your ideals align.

24. You know to which house you’d pledge allegiance, in which kingdom you’d like to live, and whom you’d like to see rule as your king or queen. (If, you know, you couldn’t rule yourself.)

25. By this point, you don’t even blink when you see another naked body on your TV screen. You’d might even consider watching with your parents in the room.

26. The terrifying reality that the show is slowly but surely catching up to the series keeps you awake at night. What happens then? WRITE FASTER GEORGE, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WRITE FASTER.

27. You would adopt a kitten and name it “Ser Pounce.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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