Samuel L. Jackson Performing Boy Meets World Slam Poetry Is Everything You Never Knew You Needed

Look, you could argue that ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ is clearly pandering to reel in the millennial demographic that late night talk shows so desperately need, and is therefore filling his hours with more gimmicks and segments than you ever knew existed — but this makes it all okay. Really. Because between the fact that Samuel L. Jackson is performing poetry about ‘Boy Meets World,’ the TGIF hall-of-fame television series that taught 90s kids how to love a girl with a weird name, and the fact that Samuel L. Jackson knows about the harlot in the ski lodge who almost ripped Cory and Topanga apart, this is everything. It’s perfect. I don’t even care if scandal later rips the internet apart and we find out it was a ‘Tonight Show’ writer and not Samuel L. Jackson who penned the verse of the ages. He does the Fee-hee-heeeeeeny call. JULES WINNFIELD DOES THE FEENY CALL. I hereby dub thee, Mr. Jackson, Dances With Late Night. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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