27 Little Ways To Be A Great Roommate


1. Make enough coffee in the morning for you to share it.

2. Get excited when there’s a special awards show on TV.

3. Refill the ice trays.

4. If they have a pet, feed Fluffy on nights when they’re stuck late at the office.

5. Do your dishes in a timely manner.

6. Wash the one cup they left in the sink when you’re doing your own dishes rather than leaving it to teach them a lesson.

7. Splurge on the high quality toilet paper when it’s your turn to buy supplies.

8. Go with them to confront the upstairs neighbor who is training tap-dancing elephants so at the very least, they’re not alone when the door is slammed in their face.

9. Help them move that piece of furniture they got on Craigslist up three flights of stairs and through a teeny pre-war door.

10. Help them craft articulately firm e-mails to your landlord when the hot water disappears.

11. Discovers new recipes that they’d enjoy, and make enough for the both of you to share.

12. Never leave the water pitcher in the fridge empty.

13. Reserve all judgment on those mornings when you encounter a stranger leaving the bathroom and heading back to their bedroom.

14. Help clean the apartment on an ongoing basis, and not just to save it from being condemned as a toxic waste zone.

15. Consult them on furniture or artwork purchases for common living areas.

16. Surprise them with little treats in the fridge you’ll know they’ll love for no other reason than just because.

17. Don’t just pay rent on time, but turn in the check before they even have to ask.

18. Stay up a little later to give them a pep talk or to listen to them talk out their problems.

19. Respecting that certain, sacred times of the day and night are reserved for their shows and never shall you ever interrupt them during that time.

20. If you borrow an article of clothing, return it washed and in a timely fashion.

21. Ask if it’s okay to have a friend sleep on the couch, even for a night.

22. Remember your key so that they don’t have to to return home and let you in.

23. Respect that there will always be a few things in the fridge that are absolutely and completely off-limits, but share a bottle of wine or a couple beers every now and again in the spirit of friendship.

24. Be there for them when they are heartbroken.

25. Leave notes and inside jokes around the apartment to make them smile.

26. If you’re ordering from Seamless, ask if they’d like something to eat, too.

27. Asking how their day was when they come home, and actually meaning it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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