23 Ways You Know Your New Friend Is A Friend For Life

1. The first time you went to brunch or dinner together as just the two of you, you paused in the middle of the conversation, looked at each other, and realized it felt like this was the 700th time you’ve ever hung out together.

2. You see something while out and about and immediately feel compelled to share it with them.

3. You constantly wonder if maybe this friendship is bordering on creepy-stalker-obsession, but they admit out of the blue to feeling the same way, too, and thusly mitigate all of your fears of “coming on too strong.”

4. You go to their Twitter or Instagram profile to catch up on their life, instead of always relying to see them in your feed. What if you miss something pivotal?!

5. The first time you met, you hugged hello and goodbye, without even having to explain that “you’re a hugger.” It was just the thing to do.

6. You both make the exact complaint about something at the same time. Nothing bonds two people together like shared dislike.

7. As you keep talking, you realize that though you may have grown up in other towns, you were the exact same person in high school.

8. It takes you about 30 minutes to have a new inside joke, and it will remain the recurring theme for everything you do.

9. You trust them with knowing your deepest secrets instantly.

10. When a social media app unleashes new features, they’re the first person you test it out with.

11. You’re not shy about inviting them to hang out with the rest of your friends, because gems as good as your new friends should be shared by all.

12. When you decide to hang out with them last-minute, it doesn’t feel like you’re crashing their plans.

13. You flop onto their couch the first time you ever visit their apartment because, well, that’s what couches are for.

14. There never were such a thing as propriety with the both of you, and you immediately begin discussing the finer points of cup size, exes’ worst qualities, and embarrassing facts like your very scientific appraisal of reality TV.

15. You refer to them by first name to all your other friends, regardless of if they’ve met yet.

16. You go out of your way to grab lunch together, whether you’re coworkers and wait through a growling stomach for them to meet a deadline, or work on opposite ends of town and still make it work.

17. You share cabs and don’t ask them to split the difference, but they make a point to pay you back anyway.

18. They’re more apt to text you random .gifs than they are to ask how you’ve been, though you know they care about that, too.

19. You’ll do little things for them like help blow dry their hair or hunt for their shoes while they’re running late and trying to get their life together, regardless of how much other people might think you’re invading a space bubble. There is no space bubble. There never was a space bubble.

20. You just have a telepathic sixth sense for what they like and dislike, and you’re almost always correct in your projections.

21. They’re genuinely interested in what happened to you before you met, where you came from and what you’ve seen and why you are the way you are, and you’re just as interested in all the things that made them who they are, too.

22. You just have an indescribable feeling that really, you’ve known this person for your whole life.

23. If you think fate brought you together, and that there’s a reason they came into your life at the exact time they did, they don’t think you’re silly or sentimental—because they think the exact same thing, too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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