You’ll Regret The Moment She Lets Go Of You

Chiến Phạm

You’ll regret the moment she lets go of you. It will start off with her smile – that bright smile of hers which makes her cheeks glow and her eyes squint with mirth – and how it slowly disappears. You won’t realize that you’re missing it until you start looking for it everywhere. When you do finally see her, it won’t be the same smile anymore. Then at night, you’ll search your mind for reasons why it changed. You’ll decide to check up on her social media accounts and as if to find proof, you’ll end up seeing her bright smile, only this time, her bright smile is for someone else.

You’ll regret the moment she lets go of you. As you walk down the street on a cold night, you’ll look around and reminisce the moments when her hand was interlocked with yours. You’ll start to wonder where she is because her hands get icy cold on such nights and you should be keeping them warm. And when you bump into her, you’ll notice how keeps her distance. Her hands will be in her pockets, out of reach. It will hit you hard that she doesn’t need you anymore.

You’ll regret the moment she lets go of you. You used to tell your friends how sickeningly annoying her messages were. You kept them at bay by busying yourself so you could ignore them. However, things changed the moment she stopped messaging you.

You’ll find your days empty and stagnant. You’ll start wondering what she’s been up to and when you start messaging her, you’ll be bothered by her silence. Days will pass and you’ll continue to find yourself craving her attention, but she’s busy with someone else now. Someone who gives her his full attention.

You’ll regret the moment she lets go of you. She’ll eventually start closing her heart’s doors on you. This time you’ll feel how cold it is to be left outside. You’ll start to feel the chilling sensation as you catch a glimpse of the warmth her heart will start giving to deserving people. By then, you’ll realize that it was once yours, but you took it all for granted.

You’ll regret the moment she lets go of you. Yes, you will. Because a girl like her is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. She is your destiny and maybe still is. But you lost your chance to keep her because you made her realize you weren’t her destiny. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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