In Times Of Darkness, There Is Always Faith

Mats-Peter Forss
Mats-Peter Forss

In times of darkness, all we can do is have faith.

Whatever you are dealing with that’s bringing you pain in your life, please have faith. Faith that one day it will get better. Faith that God will rescue you, even when you feel like there is no hope at the end of the tunnel. Faith that he is working on you and your story at this very moment. Faith that even though he’s not answering your prayers, or if he’s saying no to them, he’s still listening completely and giving you answers. Faith that when you look back on this experience, you will appreciate the lesson he taught you, knowing it will make you more resilient. Faith that your strength through adversity is how you are flourishing and becoming the person you are meant to be.

Many of us claim the people we surround ourselves with or the circumstances we are saturated in are blessings sent to us from God, but we often forget pride can blind us from truth. Is this dance we’re entangled in truly helping us become better servants to God, or are they taking us further away from him?

Even people who do have faith, whether they’re leaders in the community or new people in our lives, can still not be sent to us from God, and they can take us down the wrong path and make us feel undeserving and incomplete. Whether it’s intentional or not, we are all human and bound to make mistakes at one point or another.

It’s easier to follow our hearts rather than heed on God; while that can lead to more despondence and us asking “why this” or “why me” repeatedly, sometimes we need to acknowledge that what God wants for us is not what we want for ourselves.

Sometimes what God wants for us is to simply remember how much he loves us and wants to protect us, even from ourselves.

We are a society living in numbness, witnessing the injustices dealt to humans around the world, feeling completely helpless, or maybe even resentful towards God. It’s times like this when we may question if God is even there at all. But trust me, he is alive, hearing and receiving our prayers. Surrender to him, because he is the only one who can rescue us. No matter how vast you think your burden is, know that God can handle it. Give him your worries. Leave it to him. While it’s easier to say than put into action, have faith that God is at work at all times healing everyone who comes to him, and he is doing so in his own way.

I hope that if you ever feel like you’re not enough, you remember to have faith. And when you pray on nights you have exiguous faith, remember God is still listening. So have faith. Have hope. Some days it’s all we can do. Because darling, you are never alone. You are perfect and whole, and you will always have God with you if you choose to. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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