The Heart Of A Traveling Woman Is Not Yours To Hold

 Fernando Brasil
Fernando Brasil

The heart of a traveling woman is a special kind of heart. You fall fast in love with it, knowing it will never be completely yours to hold. It is so open. You feel invited, embraced in its presence. Suddenly you find yourself opening up quicker than you ever have before.

But, the traveling woman will move on to the next destination and you will get hurt. However, her heart was made so big and so pure that it has the capacity to love you forever. Rest assured, if you encounter the heart of a traveling woman, and it has let you in, it won’t ever let you go. Even if the woman goes.

And, she will go. And, oh boy, will it hurt to see her go. It hurts her, too, she just won’t let it show. The heart of a traveling woman has been built to break and heal itself every single day. It is sensitive, which makes her vulnerable. But her strength lies not in a calloused heart. Quite the opposite, rather. Her strength lies in her sensitivity, her honesty. Her resiliency is what makes her strong.

The heart of a traveling woman seems reckless, but really, it’s just too big to control itself. It so badly wants to please, to help everybody, but knows at the same time what it has to do. The heart of a traveling woman is not immune to pain, it’s just simply felt so much that it’s grown to adapt and respond with nothing but love.

The traveling woman allows no callouses to grow on her heart, and that’s what makes it so terrifyingly beautiful. It’s what makes the woman so terrifyingly beautiful. What do you, as a man, do with a heart like that? It brings you to your knees and scares the hell out of you at the same time. You try to tame it, eventually growing tired as you realize you can’t. The traveling woman is strong.

She will challenge you.
She cries, but never around you.
She forgets some things easily and will never forget others.
She makes you feel like less of a man because she doesn’t need you.
She needs to be alone a lot. A sensitive heart can only handle so much at once.
She believes in kissing. It’s likely the way to her heart, if she lets you that close.
She’s the most indecisive person you’ve ever met.
She’s open about her flaws out of honesty not self-deprecation.
She asks a lot of questions.
She’s always thinking. Always.
She hurts. A lot.
She takes care of things (and probably you).
She gets things done herself because she understands she’s the only one responsible for her own lie.
She has eyes that will tell you things she never will.
She has no problem laughing at herself or dancing in public.
She’s competitive. Mostly with herself.
She doesn’t give her heart or her body easily. Which is why she makes you feel so special.

And, yes, it will always hurt to see a traveling woman with such a beautifully free heart walk out of your life. She sets your soul on fire, challenges you, makes you look at yourself, scares you, makes you feel comfortable. But, unless you are prepared to join her and love her just the way her special heart needs, don’t you dare try to keep her.

You will relish in knowing that other people are getting to experience the beauty and radiance of her wild heart. You’ll know she’s okay because she can take care of herself. She never needed you, why would she need anybody else. You won’t feel sad about it because you’ll know if, one day, she’s with a man, it’s because it’s exactly what she wants and it’s on her own terms. You’ll know her well enough to know she would never settle. You’ll have no doubt he takes good care of her, because you’ll know she respects herself enough to demand nothing less. And that, right there, is where the calmness lies. You’ll never have to worry about the heart of a traveling woman because it will always protect itself. It’s okay, she’s got this.

If you are a traveling woman with such a heart, please know that you never have to apologize for being the whirlwind that you are. To anybody. Ever. You are beautiful and wild and you will hurt so much, but you will be okay.

And most of all, if you’re a man who’s encountered such a woman, you have to let her go. You’ll rest assured knowing she’s following that wild and crazy heart of hers, and that you’ll always be a part of it. Her heart was never yours to hold onto, it belongs to the wind. Let it go and watch what she becomes. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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