You Are My Greatest Adventure

Timothy Meinberg
Timothy Meinberg

I’ve felt a baby elephant wrap its trunk around me in an embrace.

I’ve stood inside the magnificence that is Notre Dame during the singing of songs at mass.

I’ve meditated under the glow of candlelight and the shadow of a monk at a Buddhist temple.

I’ve stared in awe at Colombian valleys with wax trees as tall as giants.

I’ve drunkenly looked out over the lights of Los Angeles from a Hollywood Hills mansion.

I’ve watched children in Africa dance and sing and laugh with the most joyous smiles.

I’ve seen the Eiffel Tower lit up under snow.

I’ve felt the passionate heat of a flamenco dance in Barcelona.

I’ve dipped my toes into so many oceans.

I’ve seen people all across the world smile and cry and kiss.

But none.
I mean none.
None of those compare to the feeling
Of the look you
Used to give me
When I knew
You wanted me.

How addicting is the desire of another person
That even a lifetime of adventures
Can’t compare
To the adventure found
In the love of another soul.

I’ve tasted the sweetness of pineapples in Asia.

I’ve tasted the flakiness of croissants in Europe.

I’ve tasted the earthy richness of vegetables in Africa.

I’ve tasted the bitterness of coffee in South America.

But none.
I mean none.
None of those compare to the
Electric taste of your lips on mine
For the first time.
The taste of your desire.

I keep traveling and traveling
Trying to find an adventure greater than you.
But deep down…
I know.
It doesn’t exist.
You are the adventure. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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