You Deserve To Feel Complete

Jennifer Trovato
Jennifer Trovato

I don’t know what you’re going through, but I’ll tell you this: you should stay. No, I will not tell you to stay for the people you will leave behind. The sad truth is that the world will keep on turning with or without you.

Wounds will heal. People will learn to move forward. But here’s the thing: don’t let the world go on without you. Not for other people. Stay for yourself.

You’re probably in the phase of your life when you can’t help thinking that everything is just pointless, and it probably is. I feel the same way. The truth is, I might just be writing this all down as a way to convince myself that there’s still something to live for. But I’m letting you in my internal monologue, and hopefully I can also convince you.

Ending it all here will be unfair to the people who care for you, but it will be mostly unfair to you. And you’ll probably say that you don’t love yourself enough to take the time considering that, but hear me out: you deserve so much more than what you’ve had. It sounds cliched and insincere, but I mean it when I say that you deserve to be really happy.

You deserve to feel complete. It’s not always wrong to be selfish, and now I am asking you to be just that. Do it for yourself, not for someone else. Live. Give yourself a chance and fight for what you deserve. Stay a little while longer and discover what it feels like to do things you’re truly passionate for, to find the kind of love that everyone dreams of.

You can do it. You will find it. And if it seems like you can’t, then create your own happiness. Life will not get any easier, and none of us will ever be perfect. But I hope you try to love yourself enough to find the will to stay. Because we can never really be sure if things do get better. But you can. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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