10 Reasons To Seriously Consider Adopting An Older Cat


I have owned three cats in the last 17 years. The biggest reward in having a cat is the unconditional love they have for you, which develops over time. I’ve watched my rambunctious kittens turn into cuddly mush balls when I pet them under their chin. Just like humans, cats go through multiple phases of temperaments as they grow older, but when they reach 10 years they are considered seniors. Aging cats display more signs of obedience and affection, and are great for new owners. Other than giving an older cat happiness and love for his last few years, here are 10 more reasons to adopt an older feline friend.

1. They’re calm.

Unlike kittens, older cats have less energy to get out of their systems. Meaning they won’t be climbing up your curtains or scratching the hell out of that new sofa. Their claws are also more brittle as they age, so even if they do scratch a little here and there, it won’t do too much damage to your furniture.

2. They like to cuddle.

Older cats LOVE cuddling. My two cats who were 15 and 17 always slept next to me on the bed, one sharing my pillow and the other snoozing at my feet. Older cats crave attention, and they are usually sweeter than younger cats and kittens, whose only interest is chasing invisible creatures on your walls. They also greeted me by meowing and rubbing their faces on my legs every time I got home, giving me such a warm and loving welcome.

3. They follow you around.

Senior cats rarely like to be left alone. They will follow you from one room to the other to make sure they always have their eye on you. Cat haters often think cats are fiercely independent and hate human interaction, but senior cats are very needy. They’re also friendlier towards guests, which can be a huge plus when you have friends over.

4. They’re quiet.

When I first got my kitten, the wild side took over and he’d run up and down my whole apartment, his paws making a huge thump on the floor. I received multiple noise complaints from my neighbors who thought I was moving furniture around at odd hours of the night. Senior cats will never give you that headache; they’re going to be sleeping most of the time, and they sleep well through the night.

5. They enjoy being loved and brushed.

One way to reduce shedding is to brush your cat’s fur. It can remove dandruff and old hair that sheds onto your furniture, which can be a hassle vacuuming up. Unlike kittens, who would probably smack the brush away or chew on the bristles, an older cat will actually enjoy being brushed, and purr merrily beside you. Cat purrs are also known to reduce stress, so get that brush up and at it!

6. Their personality is predictable.

When you’re at an adoption center, take a look at all the cats around you. Some may be crying a lot, others may be calm and relaxed, and some may even be hissing. Older cats usually have their dispositions set from the minute you meet them. If they’re looking at you confidently from their cage, and purr when you first hold them, chances are they will stay that way at home. Other than the first few days when they’re adjusting to their new environment, what you see is what you get when you adopt an older cat.

7. They’re well-mannered.

They won’t be attacking your feet under the covers or getting into mischief when they’re bored. Senior cats have learned proper etiquette being a cat, and will adhere to it. It takes a while for a younger cat to learn what is and isn’t allowed, but senior cats will already know.

8. They’re PERFECT for workaholics.

Even if you’re not a workaholic and still aren’t home for most of the day, a senior cat will appreciate when you come home, rather than a kitten who will only want to play, play, and play! A senior cat will come running towards you at the door and insist on being petted and spoiled by you, making it a perfect companion for people who don’t have the most time or energy.

9. They won’t break your laptop charger.

Senior cats rarely chew on things. Their teeth are grown in, they’re happy with their set and won’t spend hours chewing on your wires. When my cat was young, he broke my phone chargers to my antennas and I had to spend a lot of money fixing everything. He also chewed on my garbage bags and they’d leak everywhere. Trust me, senior cats have moved on from chewing on things and you will have a peaceful life at home.

10. They are thankful.

You may know that cats are one of the most intelligent creatures out there. Cats especially know what’s happening when they are adopted and placed into new homes. Older cats will be especially thankful for that. Animals of all kinds often end up in shelters for reasons out of their control; while senior cats are no exception, they will be so appreciative of you. They will express their affection by pushing their head into your hands, following you around the house, and wanting to be close to you, just like dogs. Trust me, you will never regret getting your new friend. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Elizabeth is a NYC writer and tabby cat collector. You can find her on twitter @elizabethtsung.

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